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Finally, my cats scabs are gone

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  • Finally, my cats scabs are gone

    I have been trying to find a food for my cat, Willow. She's about a 1 1/2 . I got her from a shelter, when she was about 3 months old. Everything was fine at 1st and then she seemed to develop an allergy. Her skin started scabbing up terribly. I knew it wasn't a parasite problem. I figured she developed a food allergy. I have been trying different foods, no **** mind you. Finally I can say today she is 100% scab free. I am sooo happy. I love this cat! I switched her to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance. Her coat is so plush and gorgeous.....Thanks Mr. Van Patten!! I'm so happy I just wanted to share.

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    Awesome! I once had a cat who the vet determined was allergic to fleas.. poor thing So I definitely can relate to how heart-wrending having a sick little puss can be.

    I've got to check out that food, it sounds fabulous!


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      Goldiphlox - I hope you read about the recall.


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        Originally posted by Chicken View Post
        Goldiphlox - I hope you read about the recall.
        Yes I did Chicken, but thank you....I guess you think your doing the right thing and maybe your not. The company did say that the rice protein concentrate that was contaminated with melamine was not in the ultra premium that I feed my cats. But it still makes you sick. The rice they buy is from the us but the rice protein concentrate is from China. The rpc is only in the products that they voluntarily recalled. They are a good company. They did not have to say lets just recall it all regardless of the dates, but they did. So I believe it when they say what products have this concentrate and which don't........Laura