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I'm almost embarrased to ask

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  • I'm almost embarrased to ask

    My Standard Poodle split her toenail in half sometime yesterday. Literally. It is split wide open from the base to the tip, and everything inside is completely exposed. How she did that is beyond me, but she did it. She was limping and favoring that foot last night, but I checked it all out and found nothing wrong with it. (I'm not sure how I missed that nasty toenail) Then last night she kept me up half the night licking her foot and it was this afternoon that I finally figured out what the culprit was. My vet is closed on the weekend. He does have emergency service, but I didn't call him because........ well, because it's a toenail. But later this evening I decided to wrap Maceys foot because she will NOT leave that toe alone, and now it's starting to smell a little ripe. I'm not sure if it stinks because she's licking it like crazy, or if infection is setting in. She isn't acting like she's in any pain. She is no longer limping, and other then constantly licking her foot she is acting her normal self. She does wimper if I try to mess with that toenail, but other then that she seems fine. It's that ripe smell and exposed meat inside that toenail shell that has me concerned.

    Soooo, tomorrow is Sunday. Would any of you consider this toenail dilemna to be a dire emergency or is there something I can do with it until I get her to the Vet on Monday morning? Should I even wait until Monday or am I just being paranoid?

    I had planned on grooming her tomorrow since I never have time during the week, but I guess I'll hold off on that'n.

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    If it were my dog, I'd take her to the emerg. vet (not only to get it attended to quicker, but it is less of an imposition on my work schedule). I definitely would not bathe her until is has healed.


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      My yorkie used to do this jumping off the last porch step trying to catch his poodle brothers! I took him to the vet 2x and the last visit "my vet said" just cut it at home and put quick stop on it, it's what we do in the back. Saved myself $60. next time it happened. "The vet said" try to do it in one fast cut, it really doesn't matter how ashort you cut it, a cut quick, is a cut quick.


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        sorry about what happend to your poodle, but don't worry to much , it's not an emergency, no need to get her to the vet.
        just keep her foot clean (maybe soak it in soapy water to get rid of the smell) and make sure to desinfect it really well. you can also wrap her foot in a sock to prevent her from tearing up the bandage and protecting her foot from dirt.
        I hope this helps.
        good luck!


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          Will be painful!

          I see this all the time. Most likely it smells from her licking cuz I doubt infection set in this quick. What they usually do is you have to cut the nail below where it is cracked. If you don't cut down that low, it will keep splitting down further. Sometimes they sedate sometimes not. If your dog is really good, you could try this at home, but I wouldn't recommend it. Have some styptic or silver nitrate handy. GOOD LUCK!


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            My dog had a split nail once that we took him to the vet for. it was nearly broken off, so our vet quickly pulled it off with a pair of pliers, then he cleaned it and bandaged. They didn't think any anestesia was necessary, which I agreed. He didn't get upset at all, but I could tell it hurt by his facial expression. But the next day he was just fine. I did keep it clean as well with a 50/50 mix of water and peroxide.

            I worked at a doggie daycare and dogs would split or break off nails all the time. I would always freak out when I would see the quick totally exposed.

            But if you think it's getting infected, maybe soaking in water with some peroxide to help clean it would be beneficial. Perhaps the smell is just from licking. Also, if the nail is really long- if you could trim off the excess nail that isn't close to the quick- that might help if it's shorter so that when she walks around they doesn't have alot of pressure on it or snag it on something.


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              Thank you for the replies. I decided to wait until morning to call the Vet. Her toe is slightly swollen and I'm pretty sure it might be infected. She doesn't mind me cleaning it with peroxide and water, but I don't feel comfortable trying to do anything else with the nail itself. I'll let the Vet handle that. I'm booked solid tomorrow, but my dad will take her for me.