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  • When It Raims, It Pours!

    Overnight , I swear my little Hemolytic anemia girl has developed two lumps. One on her read rib are and the other not far from the first. No matter where they are, they were not there a week ago. I hates these pills. The prednisone and the cyclosporine and there will be even more expense taking her to the doctor. I will find a way, but I only have so much money I earn per week. Mostly, It scares me. One minute I am encouraged by the friend with the 11yr old survivor that is a Lhasa who is now off all meds and fine, to thinking my girl won't make it to Tuesday for her birthday. We all know our dogs will die, but she is not quite five yet. I am emotionally raw from all this ENVIRONMENTAL stuff and her illness.

    Does anyone know if the meds can be a side effect? I don't recall reading it anywhere.She has no muscle tone to cushion her bones and I am concerned that she is so frail her bones could break. Has anyone heard of PRED HEAD? She has that too from the prednisone.

    Sorry to be such a sad sally. crybaby.

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    Oh hon, I am so sorry. I can imagine the fret and pain you are dealing with. My old girl Lady is having a hard time walking and has lost a lot of muscle tone and I have had to wait until my husband got paid before I could take her to the vet. Actually, I didn't even think I'd be able to get her in this week but it turns out I overpaid my mortgage last month and don't owe anything this month, so I will be getting her in this week. It's so hard and I couldn't imagine going through it with a much younger dog. My Pug's allergies are acting up too and I will probably need to get her in too to get more antihistamines like I did last year at this time. I JUST paid the $200 bill for putting Tawney to sleep. My vet bills you and I paid that a week and a half ago when I finally got the bill.
    I wish I knew more about what the meds can or can't cause, but just wanted you to know I really feel for you and wish there was more I could do. It's heartbreaking and so stressful. I'll be thinking of you both.
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