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I Can't Believe I Did This Half Awake!

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  • I Can't Believe I Did This Half Awake!

    I give my little girl dog her meds religiously every 12 hrs for two meds and AM she gets two others once a day. Last night she had her meds at 8:30PM but at 1:23AM I woke up and thought OMG I forgot to give her her meds! So I gave them to her again. She wasn't suppose to have them until 8 AM! So I was awake half the night listening to her breathe. She was fine this morning, considering her severe illness, and I gave her her once a day ones and began back on the others tonight. But she went too long now for the every 12 hr. ones. I hope to get her back to 8AM 8PM tonight going to tomorrow. I am sooooo careful. YES I will write it down and mark it as done from now on. DUH. I just pray I didn't mess up her progress. Has anyone else ever done this? Those half awake thoughts can be wrong! I was so afraid the pills closer together might cause a blood clot to her lungs, or speed up her heart and kill her.

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    i did it

    I gave heart meds to the wrong dog! I was half asleep and got them out and a dog jumped up and grabbed them. not unusual b/c Gracie thought they were fabulous treats. Then realized Bailey was the one who just grabbed the pill. So peroxide to make him vomit and never did that again!


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      I got up early one Christmas morning with a terrible headache. I went downstairs to the kitchen and got out some tylenol. I then got my dog's medicine out of the cabinet too. After taking the tylenol with some water, I looked in my hand that had the dog's medicine and instead saw the tylenol. lol.

      But hey, my hips felt great that day.