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This AIHA Is Exhausting! Long

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  • This AIHA Is Exhausting! Long

    My girl, as I often call her, had a bad episode Wednesday evening as we think she was bitten by a spider or something. Being on Prednisone and Atopica, aspirin antibiotics and even Annapril she has a poor suppressed immune system and her leg opened up from the bite site (two bites) the one is very deep and will be slow to heal. She got the dressing off at 1AM last night. No sleep for momma again. I finally got an e collar to stay on. Licking is not an option. Finally got a nap for about 3 hrs and she peed on herself and probably her wounds. Ugh I love her and am so tired, drained and worried. She is snoring now and very unhappy with her collar. I don't think she is in pain. The vet drained the wounds and wants them to air. The 1st reg vet does not think Atopica is necessary and the specialist does. The reg vet also did NOT prescribe special 3mg aspirin to help prevent clots to lungs and other fatal places. One month since forat visit and already infection and a set back. I wonder if she can make it 6-12 months. this is hard emotionally and financially. At least the gen has the ari flow it needs and worked fine today. AHHHHH. I did one dog. Three tomorrow and I am afraid to leave her. I feel I am the only one who can really take care of her besides the vet and tech. They specialist comes back Tues to work. I just want next week to be a normal week....whatever that is.

    How???? Did you who have experienced this get thru this? Lack of sleep doesn't help the emotions either.