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    does anyone have any good holistic remedies for allergies. i use tea baths and antihistimes, but my rat terrier has them. i hate to put anything synthetic in her body. i have used chinese herbs, accupuncture, etc. just looking for any new ideas. thanks.

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    What is she allergic to?


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      Start by having her allergy tested & avoiding her allergen if possible. it's easier & cheaper than "shot gunning". It's still holistic if you use Western medicine to diagnose & treat. I need a link to Helly's thread on this matter.
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        what are you feeding, food allergies are the most common and easiest to eliminate
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          I am with SmartN--have her fully panelled FIRST, then form a systematic plan for her with a Holistic Practice Vet (be careful of whom you choose). They will look at a full range of alternative care methods, as well as be the educated one to say when enough is enough if things aren't working or progressing.
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            Define "holistic." It is NOT a synonym to natural! What you're most likely looking for is a natural product, not a holistic product, because quite frankly a holistic solution for allergies doesn't exist!

            And all of those "holistic" vets? Most of them are not. Most of them don't even know what holistic means. Most are naturopaths who've hijacked the term holistic and are using it simply because it sounds good to the uninformed.

            The holistic approach includes treating the mind as well as the body, bacause the holist believes in psychosomatic healing, using the mind/body connection. Almost impossible to do with animals. You can't exactly ask them what they think about being itchy, or direct them in how to visualize the healing process in their minds.