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  • lab shedding

    today i had a lab in shedding a ton, normally i would not be concerned, but this dog seemed to be loosing a lot of guard hair.

    he had some undercoat, and had not been groomed or bathed in a while.

    after the normal hv, rake, furminate he was still loosing a lot. when i would pinch a little hair guard hair would just fall out without me even tugging. his coat really isn't thick either. his skin looks fine and he is not itchy, though he is very overweight.

    i recommended a vet check, any ideas???

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    I agree with seeing the vet, but also a good supplement, with good food can make a world of a difference in their skin and coat. I like solid gold seameal, for a overall supplement.


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      definitely a vet check...could be diabetes , cushings ,or some other metabolic issue.


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        thanks, i hope he actually takes the dog in. it is hard when we may see these first signs, but without the dog acting sick owners seem a little reluctant.

        i don't know what he is eating i wouldn't doubt that could be a factor as well.


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          Sometimes that adrenal gland kicks in when dogs are groomed - they just get over excited or stressed.

          Some break out in dander all over and others start dropping coat.

          My own dog would get tense at the Vet. He acted perfectly calm, just tense, and his short coat would start falling out in clumps if I ran my hand over him. I could of sat there petting him in the waiting room and the entire floor would of been covered with massive amounts of hair. I notice this in a lot of highly anxious dogs I groom also.


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            dtails, i never thought of that, he is nervous about the whole thing and doesn't get groomed often.


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              Dtails most likely has the right of it. Labs are notorious shedders anyway, add in artificial light, lengthening hours of daylight (he's getting ready to blow coat) and top it off with a strong dose of stress hormones, and you start thinking the dog will be lucky to go home with any coat at all.