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    okay. heres my question. I have a 1 year old, 4lb yorkie. I noticed a small spot on the inside of her back leg, nothing serious, looks slightly raised, like a pimple. then a day or so later there was another, exactly the same, next to the first. I thought it might be a nip from my dobe or a scratch from one of the cats. then the red spot was gone and in its place was a black spot. I theorized it that it was some kind of pimple that opend and the black crust was left. one more red dot has come and went the same area. the black crust eventually dissapears and superwoman (yes that is her name) doesnt appear to be in any pain or discomfort, she has not bothered the area at all. I hate to run her to the vet if she isnt uncomfortable, just wondering if anyone has seen this before. my dobe has canine acne and breaks out occasionally on her chin, but when hers open it can bleed or weep clear fluid, not the black crust I see on superwoman.

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    Don't know but -

    Could be spider bites maybe? Also a couple of dogs I have known that the owners said got staph infections started with a pimply spot. Be watchful.