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husky with bad nails

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  • husky with bad nails

    my female siberian husky was an issue with her toe nails. i thought that it looked like a fungal infection. i have taken her to the vet twice about them and both vets told me to soak them in epsom salts. she was an avid digger before i noticed the problem. i grind her nails once a week and the fist time i noticed it the nail bed was bleeding and the nail was fine. i only let her out under supervision so she would not dig. about 2 weeks later 2 of her nails looked like they were being eaten away. this is when i first took her to the vet. when i tried to grind her nails she tried to put her teeth on me which she has never done before, so i know they hurt. the first vet again said to soak them, its just from digging. when it spred to all her nails on that foot i took her to a new vet and explained the situation, she still said to soak them they will be fine. well now its on both her front feet. i groomed yesterday and as i was drying her feet the air from the blaster was squishing the nail. i squeezed it and it was very very soft and it started bleeding. she has not dug for over a month and a half now too. they are also turinging a darker colour. also her nails are very odd to begin with, when i grind them i can take next to nothing of whether i do it every week or every three months. they just dont grow, and she not very active so shes not wearing them down. i have groomed thousands of dogs and have seen nail bed infections and nails degenerated from autoimmune diseases, and this is totaly different. has anyone ever experienced this or have heard of this

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    I would get another opinion, my schnauzer got an infection that started at the nail, and had to have a couple of toes amputated.