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Last hope for "Eggnog", my kitty. Need help.

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  • Last hope for "Eggnog", my kitty. Need help.

    Oral suspension of Tetracycline. Does ANYONE know where I might find it...or if any company still makes it? He can't swallow pills.

    I put up a long thread on his situation a few weeks back, so I won't repeat those details.

    The update is we redid a C&S and it came back a MRSA that only responded to Baytril (he is allergic to Baytril), Doxy...which my vet won't use on cats and Tetracycline.
    Vet said I might have a hard time finding it...and when I found a pharmacy last week...that took my script...I was so excited. They said they would have to special order (human suspension, 4 mls twice a day).
    I just got a call from my vet saying the pharmacy called her and they can't get it.

    For everyone that suggested declawing the foot...I finally reconciled myself to that...but then vet had HUGE concerns about his ability to survive anesthesia, due to all the logterm damage from years of URI's, and his asthma, and it won't resolve the infection on his head/cheek and now all over his eye lids.

    I have a terrible, sinking feeling we're at the end of this journey, so I'm "practicing" crying tonight. TIA, even if it's just for reading and feeling kinda sorry for Eggy.
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    Sorry your kitty is so ill Sibes. The only thing I could think of is to empty the capsule of tetra into a premeasured amount of warm water. mix well ,and make your own oral suspension,and leave in fridge,mix well,and draw up the amount you need and administer by syringe in corner of mouth? We put Tetra in water for sick birds,and it worked well. I have also done this with Amoxil in the past,and though it is not as good as the real oral suspension I'm sure. I do know that it worked,in a pinch. Hope he is okay!
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      I, unfortunately, don't have any advice for you. I just wanted to say I am sorry Eggnog isn't feeling well. I will keep Eggnog and you in my prayers!
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        I was just thinking of Eggnog this evening and wondering how he was doing.

        I think a Compounding Pharmacy would be able to make up Eggy's prescription for you. We have a couple of them around here and they will make up any strength and flavour prescrition your Dr. writes. That being said, tetracycline IS available in liquid form as Panmycin Aquadrops (Veterinary approved). The human use brand names I found are Sumycin and Panmycin, Acromycin-V. I was looking through the On-line Pharmacies and some of them advertised the suspension, but it wasn't listed on the web-site. You may need to contact them for sales info.

        Tetracycline is also available in injectable form as well as topical. Would you be able to give him an injection? If not you, do you have someone who could come and give injection? Maybe easier than getting him to swallow liquids. You could always get the tetracycline capsules and open a capsule and measure out the powder into individual doses, then put one dose into water in a syringe and give each dose that way.

        Take a look at this medication guide: It is for rats, but may give you an idea or two.

        My thoughts are with both you and Eggnog. Keep up posted. <<<Hugs>>>
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            I would get online and Google "Emergency Vet Cllinics" and find one in your area. ..... or call MedVet at 614-846-5800 or 800-891-9010 ( who are located in Columbus, OH. People from many different States from the East Coast come to this clinic for services they can't get at home. They even may know where you can get your oral medication. I know that this doesn't apply to you, but they are one of the few clinics that administer radiation and chemo to your pets.

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              You can get Tetracycline in tablet form that dissolves in water (at one of the box stores or almost any pet store) made for birds and made to dissolve in water. It's simply Tetracycline and I think you can find it in with the bird supplements. Good Luck!
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                If you can't get the Tetracycline for a compounding shop then maybe your vet would use the doxy. Our doctors use it on a regular basis in cats. We either tell the owner to dissolve the tablet in a little bit of water or give a syringe full of water after giving the tablet to make sure it passes. Your vet my have told you that if he doesn't swallow it all the way it can damage the esophagus. Hopefully one of the antibiotics will work. Poor Eggnog.


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                  What about a Vet school? The compound pharmacy is a great idea too, but I know Auburn Univesity use to make compound meds for a vet I use to work for when he could not find "just the right thing" he was looking for. Im so sorry about your kitty. I did not get a chance to read the whole other thread so if this has been suggested, please forgive me, but what about soft claws? They may help just enough to get Eggnog over the hump. Will be sending positive thoughts to your kitty, and Mikes thingy to you.


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                    I would call around to the other vets in the area and someone should have it or know where you can get it. Or find a Vet that would be willing to give him doxy. Don't give up. Hnag in there. Or like she aid to crush his meds up and give it to him that way.


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                      OK. [deep breath here,....last night was not good, as "Poet" of "Ye Who Groom" fame is failing on me too at the age of 20. Renal not alot of hope there. )

                      I made a call to yet another compounding pharmacy this am (thank you W.Chi.) and am awaiting a callback after the pharmacist does some research. Have a second number to try from a dog world friend if 1st call goes nowhere.

                      Oral caps re-hydrated won't work because the taste is so bitter and vomit ensues, even flavored w/ tuna juice etc.

                      Panmycin has been discontinued by the manufacturer (because THAT would have been the perfect solution) so was ruled out early on.
                      The human suspensions are the ones that the local pharmacies can't locate or are no longer in production.

                      As for animal ER's...well there is no shortage of them in this area. I have every specialist there seems to be w/in a 10 mile radius of where I live and an ER/Specialty practice 2 miles down the road.
                      I guess the problem is we know what we need to do...we are just having a difficult time finding the "vehicle" w/ which to do it.
                      Our "ER's" tend to be a little crazy around here, example...the initial exam charge at the one down the road is $180.00..that does not include any sort of diagnostics or really goes nuts after that. My client that checked her sick Mini Schn. in at 1 am several weeks back, and euthanized her at 6 am...wrote a check for $2400.00 to ER/Specialists. It's unconscionable IMO.

                      I think injections might still be an option...I think we (the vet and I) talked about that, but forget why that idea was temporarily tabled?

                      Thanks ever so much you guys. Keep fingers crossed please, and I'll try to update out here in the "open"...
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                        Originally posted by jesvettech View Post
                        I would call around to the other vets in the area and someone should have it or know where you can get it. Or find a Vet that would be willing to give him doxy. Don't give up. Hnag in there. Or like she aid to crush his meds up and give it to him that way.
                        My vet isn't completely against giving cats doxy (just Eggy, sorry, I know I said that in the heat of despair in my OP)... on the C&S...doxy only showed a moderate response, and given the difficulty Eggy has swallowing and the dangers associated w/ doxy+cats+esophagus...she didn't feel the risks warranted the treatment. I can't imagine I'd even be able to get the syringe of water down his throat before the initial med came back up.
                        He is VERY reactive (vomiting in less than 1 minute) to anything that is the least bit bitter. More so than any other of the many kitties I have lived w/ over the years.
                        Nothing has been simple w/ this guy since he moved in from the cold 3 years ago, but he does love his bed by the woodstove.
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                          Have you checked your local farm supplies? They often sell it in powered form for poultry.


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                            Awwww Sibes, I am so very sorry for all you are going through. Your pets are so lucky to have you. I am praying for you and your babies and I've got my fingers crossed that the compounding pharmacy comes through.



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                              Just curious

                              What about injectable? Not the most pleasant, but if he needs it, he needs.
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