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Gelatinous Vomit?

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  • Gelatinous Vomit?

    Okay, I've seen some interesting vomit in my days but the Papillon in my care is vomiting up a weird substance. It looks like a wet cotton ball and it is gelatinous. I know it isn't a cotton ball; I actually picked it up and held it. He's tossed up three such "balls" so far here.

    No visible blood or bile or anything coloured in it. Just this frothy jello-like substance.

    Anyone have any ideas? We don't have 24 hour clinics here so unless he seriously goes downhill fast its a wait and see situation.

    He has no health issues to speak of although he hasn't eaten since he arrived last night.

    Stephen: I cannot diagnose your situation but I can say the same thing happened to my Cattle Dog and it was pancreatitis and treatable.

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    is it seriously a ball of cotton? Or just foamy wet mucous?


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      It was a ball of foamy mucous, but it held itself together perfectly, like a cotton ball. It must have been from not eating; I kept him on just water for the rest of the night, fed a little bit in the morning, then a little in the afternoon and by nighttime he seemed fine.

      Poor little Oliver.

      I had just never seen that consistency of vomit!