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New Slenderizer Drug for Pets approved

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  • New Slenderizer Drug for Pets approved

    This is an article about the new drugs being developed for dogs, costs, etc. Scroll down and read about the new slenderizer medicing that is developed for obese dogs. Cost at $2/day approximately: Here is the link.

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    Can I take it?

    I'm an obese ol dog...can I take it?Why not just stop treats and give them healthy portions? It's not ike they can open the fridge and cheat.


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      This drug is 100% for the OWNERS. I didn't click this link, but a story I read referred to the "guilt" owners feel over reducing their pet's feed. Dogs don't care; they're just as excited about one kibble as they are about a full bowl. Many will just eat until the food is gone, regardless of the amount.


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        I saw this earlier and wondered if its safe for people? lol Im sure if they wanted to they could make a pill for us too, however, they will lose so much in money writing scripts to treat so many illnesses due to overweight, they probably won't make it! jus like with cancer. I've read several several places that a cure for cancer had been found, but everytime someone does that, the government buys out the formula and shuts it up. too much money will be lost on cancer treatments. Its always about the money...greed..drug companies have wayyyyyyy too much power!
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          Well, I guess it was just a matter of time, in this society where we want a magic pill to fix all our problems, instead of doing the work that would be required to change things.

          In this link:
          it says that side effect for dogs include vomiting, diahrea, loose stools, lethargy and loss of appetite. Yep, that'll knock the weight off them...

          Poor dogs, this is so bad, I hope vets don't go along with this


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            omg ... i'm sorry, but how dumb is that? if you cannot control your dogs weight by portion size and exercise, is it the dog that's has a problem & needs a pill or is it the owner? give me a break. dogs are not emotional eaters like humans ... they're not drowning their childhood in ice cream & cookies .... just feed them less! they won't hold it against you, i promise.

            now maybe it's a thyroid issue, but a weight loss pill is not the solution.

            i think america is the only country with obese dogs, am i right?


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              Originally posted by DogChic View Post
              dogs are not emotional eaters like humans ...

              i think america is the only country with obese dogs, am i right?
              Dogs may or may not be emotional eaters, but it would seem that some dogs, like some humans, eat out of boredom if possible. And some dogs are lacking the hormone that tells them they are full and to stop eating. They think they're hungry and starving all the time.

              But instead of giving them a pill, which will make them sick, why not give them green beans? Carrots? Ice cubes?

              No, America is not the only country with obese dogs.


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                Obese dogs are owners problem

                Have you seen those 1oo lb babies or 250lb 4yr olds? It is the parents of human kids or dog children who overfeed their child. It is abuse, IMO. Kid can't drive to the store and buy junk food and most dogs can't feed themselves..tho some do get into containers when clever enough.I think a more fiber-based dog food would help fill them for brain disfunction for hungry dogs...that is foer a doctor to figure out. My own G. mother killed her parakeet by giving it fat cake crumbs. Poor bird, had a fat belly, then he died.She meant well.....Kill em' with kindness.