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    So anal gland expression.... do you do it for every pet? I was under the inpression that if you express once, you have to continue to do it because that has changed the dog's ability to do it on its own. I was also told that doing it externally is less effective and possibly more damaging than doing it internally, like when a vet does it.

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    I check them, I don't necessarily express them. If they're really full, and express easily, I'll do them. Otherwise, no.

    If you express them every single time the dog gets groomed, and if the dog gets groomed frequently, I do believe the dog looses the natural ability to express them. But some dogs just naturally have a very thick secretion, and need to be expressed manually. Especially little dogs, and dogs with docked tails.

    I also think expressing anal glands is a personal decision, and if you don't want to, or aren't comfortable doing them, you shouldn't. And you shouldn't have to make excuses about it. It's just not a service you offer.

    I don't do internal expression at all. That's a vet's job, IMO.


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      Thanks a bunch.


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        Helly I forgot to say...

        This new Lhasa client Expects anal expressio

        n at the price I charge. Pedigree commercial again in background tv.Still gets me.I need this client. These older 55+ residents ca.n be fussy.She has had mobile before, the girl got sick. I have been here 7 yrs and never heard oif her. This client lives 4 miles away. With A/C coming and gas prices..anals or no go...I guess I will do them when I feel he needs it. But I will advise her.oops tried another pargraph.Is this a Male dog only issue?