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  • HGE

    My 12 (going on 13) year old Standard Poodle, became very ill on Tuesday at 5:30 am. I brought her to work with me, by then blood was coming out heavily from her rectum.
    I was freaked! I rushed her to the vet, they said probably HGE, though insisted on doing lots of tests. (I wish I was firmer and insisted they NOT put her through so much & just treat her) but what do I know, and I am a sucker, if they say it needs to be done I say yes. Because I worry so much over my dogs...
    Anyway, she spent the day at the vet, came home for the night and was 'ok' but then spent 12 hours at the vet on Wednesday and came home very weak. VERY. Thursday she could hardly pick her head up. I was so worried but didn't want to bring her to the vet and have her stressed more. I was thinking that would make her worse.
    When I got her last year, we went through 2 weeks of her being very weak and not eating well. So I felt this was not only the illness, but due to stress and no food.
    Finally at about 3pm Thursday she picked up, went out & was able to walk!!! Now she's eating and playing with the other dogs.
    I don't know much of this illness, I just hope it doesn't happen again to her. This time though I will know enough to just have the vet treat her rather than put her through so many tests.
    Anyone have experience with HGE with older pets? Any advice?

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Sorry to hear about your poodle. Is this Poey? Such a pretty poodle if it's the one I saw in a photo before.

    What exactly is HGE?

    One thing I know, and it is probably obvious to you too, is that testing is the unfortunate necessity with animal doctors. The dogs can't tell them where it hurts, they can only do some testing and find out.

    Another thing I personally feel is that dogs have a much better tolerance for pain than we do, and that while we find it hard to watch them go through it, if it happened to one of us, we'd be doing a lot worse.

    I do hope your dog gets better, and hope that the chipperness doesn't subside.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    Tammy in Utah
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      HGE is hemorraghic (sp) gastric enteritis. It is a very serious form of diarrhea and vomiting. There is blood in the stools. Usually bloodwork is required to do an exact diagnosis. It can be brought on my many things, one of which is stress. I know this because 3 of my 6 dogs ended up with it when my husband was hospitalized for a month when he went into kidney failure.
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        Yes it's Poey the one in my profile.
        The vet felt it was HGE when I brought her in, but still did the tests and in the end, yes it was HGE.
        She didn't vomit at all, but bright red blood coming out of her. She was so sick.
        Thank goodness she's feeling better. I just hope it's not going to happen again...


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          That's terrible. Is this something that can be treated?

          Tammy in Utah
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            Originally posted by SpikeyTheYorkie View Post
            That's terrible. Is this something that can be treated?

            Tammy in Utah
            She's much better now, as a matter of fact she's double teaming with Peanut, tackling my crested puppy lol

            I don't know that there's anyway to prevent HGE, but she's on antibiotics, and thank goodness better. Just hope it doesn't happen again...


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              Not heard that wording either

              My girl Brittany once had pouring bloody runs and vomiting. I've said she was the sickest dog that ever lived that I owned. She couldn't stand up, lost all she had. The Vet said it was likely bacteria from one of the ponds while out hiking. She got well in a day and has been running fine totally for many years hence.

              So I hope it was something that passed literally and she will be forever just fine.
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                My first yorkie Bud (no longer with us) had this one time when he was about 8. I should say was thought to of had this, not ever officially diagnoised, however that is what he was treated for. It was the absolutley horrible. I heard him in the kitchen in the middle of the night and I could smell something awful, when I turned on the light I thought I would faint. The kitchen floor was covered in blood he was just laying there and blood was coming out of both ends. I have never seen an animal so sick. He spent 4 days at the vet and it was touch and go for the first 48 hours. I honestly didn't think he would live and I don't think anyone else did either. But he did and never had anything like it again. Thank goodness. I hope you and your dog never have to go through it ever again either.