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    Over x-mas my 8 yr BC X (closest I can come even after all my years grooming her grandparent were probably mutts) started showing severe neurological signs: head tilt, gait problems, balance issues. After mutiple vets including a visit to the Univ. of Minn. emergency clinic. The list of potential problems was long from infection to cancer. The only thing we knew for sure was that it was in her brain. She was put on Pred to control the symptoms during the process of weaning her off she had a relasp. In talking with her vet and research of my own she most likely has a tumor or leasion in the brain stem. The plan is to use the steroids to keep the symptoms in check utill such time as they can't :-(.
    My question to you is have any of you had a dog on long term pred and what you did to help keep them healthy. As it is unlikly that she will ever be able to stop taking them and will probably be on increasing doses. What can I do or give her to help keep her feelling the best she can. I really don't have any kind of time frame so I trying to think long haul and be proactive.
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    I'd use the lowest possible dose to control her symptoms. She's going to want to eat more, and will gain weight. She'll drink a lot, and pee a lot. Eventually she'l probablyl develop aquired Cushing's syndrome. Her skin and coat will be affected. But considering the alternative....

    The pred will probably also make her more vulnerable to infections. I'd keep her away from situations where she could pick something up. Discuss what measures you can take to keep her healthy, and hopefully keep her weight under control with your vet.


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      My aussie x has addisons, and he is on pred as part of the treatment. .5 every other day at this point. He has been on it now for 6 years. Once the dose was under control his excessive drinking and peeing stopped. As Helly said, the lowest dose possible is the best way to go. If your dog is well trained, you'll have to make sure you pay attention if he needs to go outside, because even the best will have an accident if they can't get out right away. Frequent outings will help. I'm sorry that you have to go through this.
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        Thanks for your replies. She is currently on 10 mg a day and we are hoping to get her down to 5 mg a day. I was surprised that while gaining a pot belly she has actually lost weight since this all started. Thanks again.