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  • Kidney failure/Dog Food Help

    I took Sasha (my 17 yr Rott X) to the vet today. They took blood and urine tests and she has kidney failure. She said the tests weren't real bad, but she is in early stages of it. But she also mentioned that by the time things show up in the tests, the kidneys have already failed 1/3?? And they also found a thyroid tumor on her neck (i never even noticed it under all that loose skin and hair ) that is cancerous. All her other lumps and bumps that I did know about are ok. She said the cancer was a slow growing localized cancer and doesnt spread to the rest of the body, but once it starts to grow, it will make swallowing difficult for her.

    She wants me to change her food to a lower protein. She said I could get Science Diet KD from them, or I could find a food that is comparable..KD dry has 14.5 % protein, 19% fat. Canned has 4.1 protein, 7.2 fat. And also give her a 1 15mg Pepcid a day. Wants to see if she will gain any weight with a different food. She has lost 20lbs in the past 3-4 months.

    What kind of food do you all suggest that would be comparable to the KD? Or should I just go with the prescription food?

    Also...for any of those who have gone through this with your dogs...can you give me some more info? I'm am just wondering how fast kidney failure progresses and also the thyroid cancer. I know once I see her getting really bad, I will have her put down. But I am wondering if that will be weeks or months, or even another year.


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    I think your best bet would be to go with the K/D. Kidney failure can be difficult to manage. A low protein, low phosphorus diet is about as good as you can do. If you do find a low protein diet other than K/D, be sure it's also low phosphorus. You may need to do IV or sub-Q fluids as the disease progresses. I've seen IV fluids jump start failing kidneys and give the animal a few more months of quality life.

    But at his age, I think you're probably looking at months, not a year.


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      Thanks Helly.
      I got the KD today, but she didn't eat the dry. I mixed a few spoonfulls of canned KD along with it, added some water as usual. She dug through and picked out the canned food and drank up the water, but wouldnt touch any of the dry stuff...not even her old food I added in there. I will see how she eats tomorrow. Some days she would eat real good and other days she would just pick out the canned stuff. If she doesn't eat I'm gonna call the vet and see what she suggests. Not sure if putting her on KD canned only would be enough for her. ?
      I'm starting to worry about how she is going to do when I am gone for 3 or 4 days to have the baby. I don't want her to get really depressed and go further downhill or even die while I am gone. I don't want that to happen..not while I am away.


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        kidney disease can range greatly. my 15 year old dog was diagnosed at the age of 10 by his annual bloodwork. he was beginning to spill protein in his urine. i can't emphasis enough how important yearly bloodwork is. we caught it early. he was put on enapril and his bloodwork done a month ago is starting to show more serious problem. at 10, we took all our dogs off foods likes like pro plan, eukanuba and science diet and went with wellness. they are now on blue buffalo ecept for Sam,who this year went on K/D wet , but still blue buffalo dry. i believe the quality of food directly affects the kidneys. your dog at the age of 17, i would probably recommend using the k/d, unless he absolutely won't eat it. when i am that old, i would want to eat want i wanted, not necessarily what is good for me. wish you the best.
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          My dogs LOVED the K/D Canned!

          I had my Pekingese on the canned k/d for a couple of months due to questionable renal blood panel. Ironically all 3 of my dogs liked the K/D better than any other food I have given them including Nutro Ultra, Solid Gold and Natural Balance.