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Rabies Vaccinations -- Need Your Opinion

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  • Rabies Vaccinations -- Need Your Opinion

    I just recently brought a Katrina rescue, blind shih tzu into the salon for a grooming (first time). The owner notified me that the only reason why her dog has a rabies vaccination is because it came to her with one. She is holistic and does not believe in the vaccination; therefore, she will not be getting another one. It is policy in our store that rabies vaccinations be kept current - I recommended that she seek out a private groomer who will take the dog without proper coverage and also one that she can build a relationship with. The poor scared pup tried to ravage my hands. I couldn't do a proper job - and she got mad at me!! What do you think?

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    There are titer tests you could ask to see the results of, showing that the animal still does have immunity, but that's your personal call.

    I don't vaccinate unless absolutely necessary either, but I also don't expect other people to cater to MY beliefs. (If a shop has a policy like that, I would simply find another one, not demand that they accept my pet.)


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      I dont require to show proof of vaccinations on all appointement however owners that cannot not show proof at time of injury to myself are held 100% liable for my medical fees .however if an animal is known to be aggresive or difficult I will request a show proof of rabies and distemper alike.before grooming said animal.normally you can pinpoint those clients that do not keep up on vaccinations when they as if they have to show proof at time of appointment I simply state if your animal does bite me then you will be required at that time and or pay all my fees plus medical.i have been very fortunate so far (knock on wood) no medical bills as of yet


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        I agree. I'm not big on vaccinating, and am still learning about it. In the meantime, I still stay up with rabies since my boys come to work with me. If the dog is trying to bite me, I insist they are UTD. If a dog comes in without proof, I say I'll do them unless they are aggressive. I got bit by a dog who we found out didn't have a rabies shot. Even though chances are so slim of them having rabies now, it was still scary waiting for however many days it was til I was considered safe, lol.
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          Does the lady not do any type of vacines? I would guess not from you description and people like that really worry me. I don't vaccinate any more than I have to but some people are just playing with fire in my opinion by not doing anything. Granted I live in a part of the country where distemper and parvo are not unusual and while there has not been a documented case of rabies in domestic animals in many years there is rabies in the area in wild animals. In a known biting dog, or at least one that gives it their best shot to nail me then I would require the dog be current if for no other reason than the possible quarenteen it would have to go thru. I think authorities can have a dog euth'd and examined if it's not up to date and if they want to be really pushy about it. Are three year vax"s available there?



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            I won't do a dog unless it has rabies vacs. Some of the grromers don't care but I would rather have that little bit of insurance then have to worry. Plus I also feel that if you have people working for you, you should do everything possible to protect them.


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              My pets have a local, conventional vet for routine things like blood work, dental cleanings, minor illnesses, etc., but their holistic vet is the one who helps me make decisions about vaccinations, nutrition, supplements, etc.

              About 6 years ago, I had a whether heated discussion with the conventional vet about vaccines when he found out I had recently started using a holistic vet too. He said he didn't appreciate me giving that part of my business to someone else, and I told him when he's willing to change his vaccine protocols I'll be willing to reconsider my decision. Our conversation eventually led to him quoting the inacurrate statistic of 1 in 10,000 cats developing cancer from vaccinations.

              Almost one month later, I was back in his office with my cat, Chloe, who had a lump on her right side where a rabies vaccine had been given 2 years prior. The biopsy results confirmed it was Feline Vaccine Associated Sarcoma. Through tears I said to him, "I now have that '1 in 10,000' cat, and it's 1 too many." He's never said another word to me about vaccinations.


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                  I know it is the law in NJ to have a rabies vaccination for your dog and have the dog liscensed. You cannot get a dog liscense without proof of rabies vaccination. NJ offers free rabies vaccinations all over the state on different dates. My own dog died from a servere reaction to his last rabies vaccination. And I still think it is necessary for the pets that I groom be current on their rabies shot too.


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                    Might there be laws or insurance regulations specifying that you must have proof of the rabies vaccine (only rabies, as it is required by law) for clients in your shop setting? I would be worried about liability in a shop setting where there are other pets and people. Should the dog somehow bite another dog and not have proof of the vaccination.....or another worker. How would your other client feel about their dog being bitten by a dog that hasn't been shown to have rabies vaccination. Maybe not a likely scenario, but things happen. Technically, at least around here...even if the dog has rabies vaccination they are supposed to be impounded for "observation" if they bite a human and draw blood. Of course, no one will find out about it unless the bite ends up needing medical treatment due to infection or something. This actually happened to my best friend whose own cat scratched her...she got an infection and when she sought medical help, the dr. told her he was bound by law to report it, then animal control told her she had to impound her cat at a vets for 14 days for observation...and this cat was current on every shot available. Yikes!

                    I am not a big vaccination person either, but...laws are laws and unless you are providing individual service to this dog and it not come into contact with any other pets...sounds risky. Being mobile, I don't care about vaccinations for my clients. In your case, it is the public shop setting that causes me to consider this further.

                    Recently, my dogs all had fun with a dead bat they found in the back yard and then deposited on my throw rug. Being a good citizen, i reported the bat to the animal control for them to pick up. Luckily, my dogs were up to date on rabies...if they had not been, in my area they would have impounded them all until results of the bat were done. And then, if the bat were positive...I don't even want to think what might have happened. I read something horrible about months and months of quarantine. Shudder.