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  • Frontline

    Ok, I went almost a year without using any spot on flea products (except for when I had to use Revolution to prevent scabies for a couple months). However, this month I broke down, cause even after weekly baths, my guys had a couple fleas on them. It's been that way for about a month (I gave in and used frontline on the cats right before Christmas). My avatar, Bear, is so uber sensitive, that he itches like crazy even with only a couple fleas on him.

    Well, today I put the frontline on him, but when I called him over to put it on, he slinked over like I was going to kick him. The reason I stopped using it before was cause it seemed to make him itch just as much. Though we had just started agility at the time, and maybe he was just nervous/excited itching??? Plus, I switched him from lousy food to good food, so there are lots of factors. His reaction to having it put on today though, made me think twice. What can I do in the fall to prevent fleas? It gets old fast giving flea baths all the time, plus if I'm doing that, may as well use the chemicals that work.

    Also is it true it stops fleas for 3 months, and only ticks for 1 month???
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      I worked for our local vet for 12 years and we used a lot of Advantage for flea control and used Frontline more for tick control in the summer. We really liked Advantage better for fleas because it killed them so quickly and rarely irritated the dogs. Fleas are such a pain!


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        I had trouble with flees while using fontline until I switched to Advantic. There are many diferent products in the market with different components
        that may help your dog if he is experiencing an alergic reaction to frontline.
        If you are looking for a more natural remedy, I heard that you can give your dog garlic (pills that you can buy at the grocery store in the vitamins seccion) daily .
        Garlic is really good for the inmune sistem as well.
        Best of luck!


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          my dogs react the same way when I use frontine plus however the continuing to scratch may be based on the fact the fleas dont die instantly .most brands of the spot treatments do not state proper times to apply these products and many are applied directly after the pet has been bathed.these products are best to be applied 3 days prior of 3 days after pet has been bathed this is to ensure the product is properly distributed by the oil glands .washing strips these oils that protect the dogs skin from irritation from application doing applicating withing the 3 day time slot can inhibit the full effect of the product. also remember your dog also has bites from the fleas these too until healed will cause you dog to itch same as a mosquito bite or flea bit does to us as well yep we killed the bugger but that bite still may itch for days.nothing is an intstant cure for itchyness.but if your concernes are for the dogs reactions to the histomines his body is producing causing the reaction of scratching due to the bites contact you local vet and ask for recomended dosage of benadryl for your pooch.this should help releive his itch he just cant seam to scratch