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Dog eye injury

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  • Dog eye injury

    My poor dog banged into the corner of a metal object outside. You know how stores have metal covers on the sidewalk, and they pull open the metal covers to go down into the supply area?
    His eyesight at night has become bad anyway, which is why he banged into it hard.
    He didn't yelp, but he did seem surprised. His eye is half shut now. No bleeding. No discharge. I rinsed it with saline. Looks like a scratch on the surface. I put an e-collar on him.

    Here is my question. Unless his eye looks worse tomorrow, or he seems uncomfortable, I want to take him to his good vet on Monday morning instead of taking him to a random vey tomorrow. ( my vet is closed sundays.) So many vets really aren't good, which is why I want his own vet.
    Have you been thru this with your own dog? What did you do?

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    I think I would wait unless it gets worse. The collar will prevent further damage by rubbing or scratching. If there is an eye specialist close to you, I might consider going there. I know what you mean about vets. Good and not so good. Hope he's OK.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      I would observe through the night and decide in the morning. The collar protection was perfect idea. I would make him rest, no running of course or play. It is like after even minor eye surgery they have you rest and no lifting. You could go to a 24 hour hospital but just have them observe if there are issues and tell them you want to wait for Monday if possible so pretty much you would be paying just for the visit. Hope it works out you can wait for your vet.


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        His eye is still half-closed sometimes. A little bit of discharge was under his eye this morning. He is not trying to scratch at it, so the cone is just in case. Playful with a good appetite. I'll take him to his vet tomorrow. Appreciate the feedback.


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          My dog's eye is better, yay! However, I did go to the vet today. Cataracts in both eyes, so that explains him walking into things.
          I am going to go for a consultation with an ophthalmologist.
          Has anyone had cataract surgery for their dog recently? Any advice?