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  • Kennel Cough

    Yesterday I was at a clients house. I was supposed to groom two dogs, her sckipperke that I do once a month and the "new puppy". The night before she told me the pup had kennel cough and didn't think it was a good idea to have it groomed which I agreed.
    I get there, halfway through the schipperkes groom, I turn around and she's standing behind me in my bus, holding the puppy so I could see "the new baby". I think I handled it ok, I said awe how cute, but look poor guys rubbing his nose, better take him back inside. Soon as she was out of sight I started spraying and bleaching and airing everthing out. I guess what my queston is, is should I be concerned? Was that enough? ARGGGHHH!

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    I may be wrong on this, but I though that once the germs dried up, they were dead. It's a pain in the butt to deal with in a kennel because it spreads so quickly.


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      Kennel cough is airborne. Open the windows on your rig while you are driving if possible, and leave them open when you can for the next day or so. I wouldn't worry too much. Would you freak if you found out your kid went to school and another kid there had a cold? Same thing just about.
      SheilaB from SC


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        Oh yuck. I would definitely spray everything again and air out the trailer, as mentioned... kennel cough is nasty stuff.


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          If the puppy didn't cough and sneeze all over, you have nothing to worry about. Just air out your rig to be on the safe side.

          And like Sheilab said, you wouldn't freak out if some kid at your child's school had a cold. Same thing.


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            Thanks, I did all that. And yeah, maybe I would freak out if my kid went to school (joking) My "kid" is 19.