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Home-based shop vs. Storefront

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  • Home-based shop vs. Storefront

    Hi all! I am new to this group and was hoping for some input from some experienced groomers... I've been grooming for 12 years and for the past four years owned a home-based busy pet grooming shop. I have one employee (bather) and work 4-6 days a week. I'm contemplating moving my shop to town as we are tied down to our house with my business being at home. We have three elementary-age kids so it's nice to be able to be home with them and they can play in the summer while I work. I've sat down and crunched numbers trying to figure out if it would be worth it to move to town and hopefully hire one or two more groomers. I don't live in a huge area but I have a decent-size clientele and currently I'm the only groomer who grooms large breeds in our area. What do you all think? any input is greatly appreciated! thanks 😊

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    It sounds like you're doing well right where you are. I am home-based now, but have had 2 storefront shops. Everything looks good on paper, but then, reality sets in. Rents can be a huge factor in deciding how much profit you will make-not to mention the other utilities and build out fees. Great to think about adding another groomer or 2-until you actually put out that help wanted ad and find good groomers are as rare as snow in Florida. I love the more laid back atmosphere of my home shop. It seems more personal than a storefront biz. A whole lot less stressful, too. Don't know what rents are like in your area, but if I were starting over (been at this for over 40 yrs), I would think about going mobile if you decide to give up your house. Just a thought.
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      I am me this is an easy decision. 1) No rent 2) Tax deductions 3)If a customer is late.....I am home so can do other things besides sit and wait 4) My son is grown but if I had kids at home I would love being available for them 5) Customers love the quiet atmosphere 6) I can run in the house and use my own facilities and get food. The way I see it, there will be alot more money going out and a lot less in your pocket.


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        Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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          What is your main goal? To expand? To get out of your home, because you feel like you're trapped at home? To make more profit? To be able to move someday without losing your clients?