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  • Advise for finding groomers

    We have been open for 5 years and have 6 groomers. We are a very very busy shop. We are not happy with a couple of them but have such a difficult time finding qualified non-drama groomers. They all make excellent money and we are a family owned business. Can anyone offer the best advise for finding top notch groomers because we are not doing something right. Thank you so much for your help and time.

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    What is more difficult than finding good to great groomers?? Nothing. As the longest time groomers here will tell you it has basically always been hard to find good groomers and most of the good ones, especially really good ones, open their own businesses. Admin has talked about how his family put in on the job training and always had good groomers that way. You are not alone this problems has been around forever.


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      I feel for you and hate to tell you... this is why I work alone. I have enough business to put on another groomer and bather, however for two distinct reasons I work drama and complete control over the product that goes out the door. My reputation walks out the door with every dog. The other issue that to me is just as important is DRAMA. I cannot deal with it and had a HEAVY DAILY dose of it for 4 years in a shop I apprenticed in. Never again! No amount of money can entice me there again.


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        You have heard the term "temperamental artist"? Well grooming is an art, so there will always be your fair share of divas and drama queens to deal with in a multi person shop. As you multiply your staff, you will be exponentially multiplying your chances of increasing the level of dramatic personalities on the premises. A lot of us "old timers " are pretty even keeled working around these types and usually don't participate in that sort of behavior. I think the key issue here is to establish firm yet fair control of the situation by taking a "save the drama for your momma" position with your existing staff. Call them out on it when a situation arises. If left alone, it will bolster the drama causers confidence by getting away with it and will allow them to escalate their unacceptable behavior in the future. This in turn will drive away many decent employees or prospective employees who just can't be bothered with the drama.


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          thank so much....great advice. We are huge animal lovers, not groomers. We have 2 front end people and don't work full time at shop but ALOT of time there. Our only fights are about the business and the drama. I do appreciate your advise. Thank you again.!!!