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IC - insurance? bonding?

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  • IC - insurance? bonding?

    I just started working for a training school as their new groomer. We are still getting the grooming up and going and I have run into a few snafoos....But my real questions are... If the owner does not have insurance, what does that mean for me? What happens if I DO accidentally cut a dog or worse? Do I need to be bonded as a contracter? And will regular health insurance I have through my husbands job cover me if I get bit at work?

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    You are self employed and running your own business if you are truly an IC. You should have you own liability. It is better if you are an LLC but not manditory. Especially if you own property and have assets. In some states you can carry workmens comp on yourself even as the owner. Might be worth it. Better yet to have a disability policy for any reason you might be out of work for extented periods of time. This is your business, your clients are your clients. Did you sign a contract of some kind with the owner giving you a certain time, like a year, then a renewal within so many days to protect yourself from someone else just moving in on you. That way everything is up front and not being taken for granted. Is should spell out what he expects from you and what you expect from him. If you are so ill some morning that you can't get out of bed who calls and cancels appointments. Maybe your husband (mine did bless his heart). I'm sure I havn't covered everthing but I've had toooo many 10+ hour days lately. Hope this helps.