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Approaching vet clinics

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  • Approaching vet clinics

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach vet clinics which do not have groomers, to taking one on?
    Thanks so much!

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    vet clinics

    Some are open to discussing , and others are not. I just happened onto a clinic that had had a groomer and was looking for another.
    A good groomer can really add to a vet's bottom line. So, go with this approach. Not only the convience of one stop care for their clients, but groomers detect ear infections, skin problems, etc. there are a lot of times when the vet clinic I'm at wouldn't have a lot of drop offs except for the groom dogs; annual vaccs, senior profiles,skin problems,etc. I work for a vet and I know I bring a lot of revenue into the clinic. the doc appreciates it. you have to be a little more flexible working in a clinic, they are the clinics clinents FIRST.

    I happened into a great clinic. the doc understands how much I bring in. I'm a good employee, too, never late, self motivated, able to work with difficult animals, sedates.



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      Tell the vet clinics how you can bring in more business. Tell them what specifaiclly you can bring to the establishment.


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        working at a vet clinic

        I totally agree with astrodog. I work in a vet clinic also and the vets and the customers appericiate us as they like the one stop shop thing. The area where we live is getting to be a retirement community and the older people realy like this even the people that work and they can get everything done at one place. They can also leave their dogs there all day till their work is over and pick them up on their way home from work.
        I have found that their is a lot more paperwork involved working at a vet clinic. They like everything documented all on the same chart. We kinda work together on some things. If a dog comes in for dental work the customer likes to have them groomed after the dental. You know how messy it is when you get your teeth cleaned. It is twice as messy for dogs.
        Also it is nice to have a vet close by when you do a little ooopsy accidentaly
        My vets take pretty good care of us. The clinic started out with only one groomer. Now we have two and it is all we can handle. We are looking a third fulltime groomer.


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          Who buys equipment?

          I am going to approach my vet about adding me to his practice as his only groomer. This vet has 3 fulltime vets and has never had a groomer.

          I am hoping that he will understand how I can bring in more revenue to his practice etc...

          My question is who buys the "big stuff and small stuff" I have a groomers helper and clippers and blades. But what about a hv dryer, stand dryer, table and any other big ticket items that I may want in the future?

          What about small stuff such as shampoo, cologne, bows, bandanas?

          In the shop I worked prior, I bought my blades, clippers and brushes.

          Everything else was provided by the shop owner. I made 50% commission. Is this how most vets work as well?

          Thanks everyone!


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            Grooming for a Vet clinic

            Since coming to Georgia, this is my first for working at a clinic.I am the only groomer, without a bather.The clinic provides shampoo of my request, as long as it's priced to his liking.He does buy conditioner, one gallon at a time.He provides 2 different types of RX shampoo also.We don't do flea shampoo.When I started there, I had a small grooming table.I purchased my own hydraulic table as I couldn't work with a stationary table that didn't turn or adjust for height.I have a one arm force dryer and a three arm dryer that belong to the clinic.I also have 6 box fans for clinic drying that are the clinics.
            As far as grooming equipment, it all belongs to me.I provide all my own ear cleaner, bloodstop, cologne, cotton balls and Q-tips.Bows, scarfs etc. are on me.I purchased my own matts,white board,dry erase markers, hand blow dryer,file folder box and index cards.
            The setup I have works well for me.I do enjoy working at the clinic for the fact that if a pet has a health issue or needs vax or sedation, it's all right there.I don't think I could be happy grooming next to anyone else anymore.I enjoy being "the groomer", and having most of the pets health info. right at hand.If I nick a pad or anything like that, a Doctor can take a look, we treat it, and the client is almost always fine with it.If a pet misbehaves, I call the client and ask if we can give something just to "take the edge off".The client doesn't want their pet stressed out, and they are better for the groom.Good luck!