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What's a reasonable hourly rate?

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  • What's a reasonable hourly rate?

    I recently left my job, where I was making anywhere between $18-22 an hour on commission, with an average of about $19. I also had health and dental insurance there. I'm now looking at a grooming salon that wants to do hourly, which is fine with me, but I'm not sure how much I should ask for (assuming I get the job, that is! :P ). Assuming that everything else is equal (it seems to be at about the same level of quality as the previous place), should I expect to make the same amount as I was before? It sounds like, depending on how many clients there are that day, I would occasionally be doing a little bit of retail or office work as well, but I would mostly be grooming.

    I would appreciate any advise! My previous job was my first full-time grooming job, so I don't know how being paid hourly as a groomer works. Thanks!

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    It would be helpful to know if they are also offering medical, dental, and any other benes with the job. While it's good to know what you need to make and are willing to work for, most interviews I have gone on or hubby has gone on, the employer has a pretty set idea of what they can and cannot pay and there is nothing wrong asking what their planned compensation is. I had one offer me $12 an hour (this was YEARS ago) or 50% commission and let me choose. I chose the commission and ended up averaging $20-$25 an hour that way. Are the prices being charged comparable to what you were charging at the previous salon? How many dogs per day are they asking you to do? Just need some more info and then I think we'd be able to help more.
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      I'm guessing there are no benefits as it's a very small company, though I'm not sure.

      As for the rest, the owner (who is not a groomer) is just setting up the grooming portion of the business right now, so I don't think SHE even knows. I'll update my post once I find out more.


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        Just curious

        did you move and that is why you left your last job? $19 an hour ain't bad.


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          I hope you get more response, this is a very good thread for me to watch. Good Luck to you
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            Long story...financially, it was a great place to work, but there were some serious issues as well, and after working there for 1 1/2 years and speaking to the owner about them I realized they weren't going to get better and decided it was time to move on.


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              What state r u in?



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                  It's all about money

                  It seems like all the post today are money related. Read a few to get some ideas.
                  How about houlrly plus commision after the frist #####if dogs
                  Then your employess pays when they get paid
                  The frist 6 to 8 dog in a day just make the bills--after that there is some profit
                  unless ofcourse the offer health or dental or paid vacations or----