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independent contractor owns the customer information?

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  • independent contractor owns the customer information?

    If I am an independent contractor, who owns the customer's information? Is it depends on what agreement you have between you and the store? or by laws those are your customers and you have the rights and own the information?

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    It is my understanding that an Independent Contractor (IC) has their own customers, their own supplies (shampoo, etc.) and uses their own phone. Basically, the IC is renting their table and the use of the tub. Also, the IC determines their own hours, etc.


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      Put it all out on the table.

      I am an IC and it does depend on the sitiuation, working at a vet practice I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I am not to access client information but I can tell the client with they bring their dog for grooming that I will be changing locations. But IMO if you are working at a salon and you are the only one grooming the dogs or have your own clients ( dogs that only you groom) you have the right to inform then if there are changes in location. Be nice about it, because it is touchy and people can get nasty if they feel you are taking their busness away. The clients should be given the choice to continue with the salon or stick with the groomer.


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        I think this is a question that would best be answered by an attorney. A lot of groomers who are working as IC don't meet the IRS requirements, and aren't really ICs at all.