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about tax...after " what to do "

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  • about tax...after " what to do "

    My friend's story came back to my mind after I read the " what to do " thread.
    We worked together at a small shop back a few years ago, there were three of us. Our boss was supposed to take tax off our pay, but for his " personal " reason, he paid us the full amount and told us to figure out ourselves. My friend needed money badly, and he even told her he paid her this way in order to help her out. We all quit the shop after a while, there were something hard to agree with and the other two gals even had a fight with him. After two years, my friend had trouble with tax officer, apparently he reported our undertable pay to the tax office. Two of us reported our income and paid tax, we, so far, heard nothing from tax office. But the gal who believed our ex-boss were paying her undertable in order to help her out had lots trouble to deal with.
    Please think twice when you give/take undertable.

    Stephen Note: Under the table is a TAX EVASION. It has bankrupt many groomers, or left them with 5 years of more of installments payments with fine, penalties and interest. You will be suspected for years, probably with more audits down line. Now is that real enough? Is it really worth it? I mean to save what amounts to $3 a pet, I tell these owners raise your prices then and put the raise towards taxes because in the long run you won't have a felony on your record, you won't be dragged through court how many times and paying many times the original amount, and wow, talk about credit worthiness. Just to save some $ today that could be accounted for by raising prices. Short term thinking that causes long term pain. I've had dozens of grooming owners call asking for help; what can I say, get a lawyer, you broke the law, work out a payment plan.