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  • Renting space?

    Friend of mine wanted me to try and get some info for her....she doesnt have a pc and I don't know enough about this to give her any advice.
    She works somewhere right now, but is thinking of leaving. She was given an offer by 2 other groomers to rent space out of her shops. She wanted to know how that worked? She would still have to pay taxes and all like she was self employeed right? The shop owner doesn't take that out, otherwise she would be an employee correct? I guess it depends on the area..but any ideas on what is an average cost to rent a space? Does she provide her own shampoos and equiptment? I would assume she would make her own hours, keep her own appt book and do her own seperate paper work as to income at the end of the day??? I don't understand how that me, it sounds like you basically do everything you would need to do if you had your own business...other than getting the DBA. Does she have to file to collect sales tax or is that covered under the business owner?
    Since she doesnt have a PC, is there anywhere I can tell her to call to find out more info on this? Too confusing for me LOL

    She also has another offer to rent a lower apartment from a woman she knows and open up her own shop. Since the building is a house, she just needs to find out if the area is zoned for business right? Then just go about getting all her business/tax related licenses.

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    I was thinking about renting a table myself. I went and talked to my hairdresser, because they rent their space. She told me that I need to:
    carry my own insurance, supply my own supplies, have my own accountant, etc. There is alot more info under the independent contractor question post.


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      Hi Fluffy Puppy - I am having the hardest time writing a reply to your thread. Now I know what it means to have "writers block". But I wanted to tell you I have most of the answers to your questions, and hopefully, will be able to send you an decent reply by the weekend...
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        To begin with, "renting space" is rarely practiced by pet groomers. I only know of one groomer in my area that has been in this position. It is much more common in beauty salons.

        After I read this thread, I contacted her, and she was been kind enough to try and answer some of the questions in this thread.

        A. For legal and tax purposes, she was "self-employed". (Not an independent contractor...for definitions and other pertinent information, the Internal Revenue Service's web site has all the answers.)

        B. The "space" she rented was a room in a "mom-and-pop" pet store.

        C. She groomed and worked by herself. She had to buy an electric grooming table that lowered to the ground, so that the dogs she couldn't lift herself had a way to get onto the table and the tub. She supplied ALL the tools, shampoo, towels, crates, dryers, etc., and even the tub. Utilities (gas, electric, phone, water, trash) were included in her rent. She shared the second telephone line with a fax machine. But she also had her cell# on her business cards, so that her clients could reach her easily.

        D. She had previously owned a grooming shop. Fortunately, many of the customers followed her after she closed her shop. She said that she wouldn't have had the strength, or confidence, to start grooming again without the support of these wonderful people. (Seems like it's essential to have a good client list already established before starting this kind of operation.)

        E. 100% of the revenue she generated was hers. She said it had to be -- that's the only way one can afford to pay rent AND make a good living.

        F. The only thing she could remember about the rent was that she had had a one year lease, with the option to renew every year. I didn't ask her how much her rent had been. But I did ask her how the amount was determined. From what she could remember, it was based on how big her room was in square feet, and how much the landlord was paying for each square foot according to his/her lease.

        I hope this info helps your friend.
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          renting space

          So I see that many of you were talking about renting of space from a landlord or shop owner. I am curious of more thoughts on this topic.
          I am interested in starting up a shop/grooming business and renting 3/4 of the space to groomer/s. I would have a boutique up front in a small reception area. The groomer would be self employed. I am wondering how much to rent (i suppose it depends on the price per sq. ft, etc.) and wondering if it is best to rent or rent with a percentage? I would be the one financially starting this from scratch. I just need more imput from others in the field and advice.