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  • Hah!

    Yesterday had in a new client. Three year old Newf with the most insane coat. Obviously bred with the stupid idea that bigger is better rather than correct confirmation, this guy looked like a wooly mammoth. Head like a bowling ball. Body coat easily 6" long, and pants about 10". Feathers and tail that drag on the ground. Super packed with undercoat that I couldn't get out in the tub-coat was actually too long for me to get any of my combs, or slickers through while wet. With bad hips, he wants to sit or lay as much as possible, adding to the difficulty of bathing and rinsing. Once that was done, I called in my daughter who is in her early 20's. I myself am in my late 50's. We dried him in the tub as much as possible, then finished working on him on the floor-simply too big for my table. Working his coat once dry with the Andis rakes did the best job-combs and slickers worked, but not nearly as fast. Anyway, the hah! comes in because while we are both sore today, I am definitely less so than my little girl! Kinda makes me grin.

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    That would have done my back in on a permanent basis. I admire that you were able to do it. I'm mid 50' s, and finally stopped doing the giant breeds.


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      OMG better you than me! Wow.
      There's always room for another rose in the garden.


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        I really love and respect keeping a strong "younger" bather on my staff for times like this. Plus 2 sets of hands as well, and of course tubs that lower closer to ground, more like walk in showers even. That's the only way we can do these dogs without wearing ourselves out! You did well.