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  • Im a special one ...

    I was kept alll night by horrible dull achy pain in my lower back hips and thighs. I rang in sick because the pain waz too much, im waddling and i cant bend .Saw the Dr this afternoon and he did motion test ( bending from waist , laying on bed and Dr bending/ flexing my legs ) to figure where the pains coming from.

    He said its like I've whiplash in my lower back. He said he's no idea how I could have done it and asked what work I do . I said I'm a dog groomer but been off the last 4 days. He's signed me off work for a week with bed rest , heat therapy ( meaning hot baths and hot water bottles) and strong anti infamatories its not fun . thankfully its happened at my quietest time so only a few clients to rearrange but I still feel horrible

    But my health needs to come first otherwise I'll be of no use to any one if I try and force my way through the pain and stiffness

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    Ask for muscle relaxers also. Got in car accident last May. See a good massage therapist monthly , if possible biweekly. The best stretches I have done is to lay flat on your back and do leg lifts and leg circles. Yoga helps with this also


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      Second that on muscle relaxers!

      I got hit by a truck in October while on my bicycle and denied muscle relaxers initially. The Dr. insisted on writing me a script just in case, after the first day I was ready to fill the script.

      I agree about yoga too, I had a hard time wanting to move but I got a dvd for pregnant ladies to do yoga, very easy and relaxing lol.

      Feel better soon xx


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        Lol, your not special......I think many of us have been where you are now (in pain).
        Sorry to hear you hurt though......heat, bed rest, inflammation reducers and muscle relaxers will get you through it.
        I prefer a chiropractor to a massage....but that is jmo.
        Heal quickly my friend!
        Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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          Oh I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon. Hey if it makes you feel more special, some years back I took a college art class. Now, I had home schooled both of my sons through high school... was a big girl now. First day, I'm so nervous I almost threw up. Don't ask me why, I just have this thing about "firsts" lol. I remember sitting kind of sideways throughout the first class. 2 days later I'm hit with the most debilitating back pain I've ever had. I had to have help to do everything. Good husband lol. So I missed the first week.

          Hope you feel better soon.
          There's always room for another rose in the garden.


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            Yuck. No fun. So sorry.


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              Hope you are better soon. Add some Epsom salt to that hot bath


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                Now, I'm no doctor, but what I've been told is that bed rest is no longer suggested for these kind of pains.
                Not work, but gentle movement.
                I watch HasFit videos on YouTube when I have aches. They do great, gentle rehab videos.
                Good luck!!!


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                  Marshmellow, you are indeed special......but not in having aches and pains. I disagree with Emma.....bed rest is the best thing, but most of us don't have time for it and still keep up with our clients demands
                  Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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                    I bought a spa/hot tub last year, and it was money well spent. Sometimes while soaking I will do light stretching exercises. If you get a note from your doctor or chiropractor you can write off the spa on your taxes.