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A rash that looks like ring worm?

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  • A rash that looks like ring worm?

    I went to my drs about 2 or 3 weeks ago with a ring like rash . she had a look and diagnosed it as ringworm. It was a visual diagnosis only. No scrapings or any thing was done . I was prescribed an antifungal cream

    I am pretty sure its not ringworm. Firstly because I haven't cone into contact with any thing that was even suspected of ring worm and secondly I would have had to groom topless to get it where it is, thirdly neither my hubby nor my dog has caught it from me , which with how infectious ringworm is they would have done by now.
    I told the Dr this a d she wouldn't listen .
    The cream hasn't worked and I've 3 more ring like rashes and along with this cold I'm starting to wonrder if my rash and cold are connected.

    I should have gone back last week but with the rush I couldn't take time off to go back and my drs aren't open until the 2nd, I do have a prebooked appointment on the 17th but gonna try for an on the day appointment for the 2nd. But I do not want go be fobbed off again. I don't want to see the same Dr again but because of where the rash is I'm not sure I'm comfortable having a male Dr look . I can have a chaperone in with me , but I'd rather the less peoe gawping at me the better I'll feel , I'm a very private , modest 26yr old , I don't even like wearing low cut tops or skirts/dresses above my knee.

    Any advice please ? Its itching like mad and I want it sorting but don't want to jeep being fobbed off with trial and error "here try this oh that's not working here try this one no ?OK how this and this". I've been there, done that and ended up on nearly 40tabkets a day before doing exploratory surgery and now just in a single strong anti inflammatory as and when I need it.

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    I don't think cold and rash are related (long story I won't get into). Try some Chiggerex 2 Xpower on the rash (get at walmart, ect). It might not clear it up BUT it will stop the can get back to the dr (which is probably where you caught the cold at).
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      I was told once by a vet “if it looks like ringworm, it isn’t”. He was speaking about what it would look like on a person.

      I would get a second opinion.
      You can also request a nurse be in the room with you if you have a male doctor.


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        Thanks guys


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          Maybe it's hives??? Ringworm is easily diagnosed with a blacklight.
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