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Dog Grooming School after Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

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  • Dog Grooming School after Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

    Greetings all!! Im new here and don't know if I'm posting this in the right place or not? I want to go to dog grooming school after I recuperate from Carpal Tunnel surgery. Is this possible? I've always wanted to be a dog groomer but never had the opportunity to do so. I am 48 years old now and after 20+ years in healthcare I'm wanting to make a career change. I've worked with dogs at a boarding kennel and loved it! I prefer animals to people. Please give me your honest opinions . Would I be able to learn to groom? Or will I maybe do better as a bather only?

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    I did it. Although I started grooming a few years after my surgery. Mine was arthroscopic, and as soon as I got home I played a little piano (not chords-that hurt!), knitted a little and crocheted a bit-all things important to me. I tend to forget I ever even needed the surgery. Choose a good surgeon, do your exercises religiously, and give yourself plenty of time to heal. Best of luck!


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      Yes. The surgery works wonders.


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        Thank you both for answering!!!! I have always wanted to be a dog groomer but life led me into the medical(human) field and I just never had the opportunity to pursue my dream! In the past several years I have been working my full time job as well as being a caregiver to my spouse who became disabled. I took a part time job working at a boarding kennel for extra money, and I just loved working with the animals! I wanted to do it full time, but financially could not afford to. I cleaned cages and fed the dogs & cats, walked dogs, but was never able to learn grooming because I had to do it on my own time, which was limited. I want to make a kid life career change after my surgery and go to grooming school. I plan to start slow and groom part time to start out. I'm looking into getting experience as a bather first. I've been lurking on this forum and learning a lot from all the great info here. I contacted the SPCA to see about volunteering to gain some bathing experience, plus to spend time with dogs and cats that need some TLC. I've cut back my hours at my full time job so I have time to pursue my goals now. I'm looking forward to learning more here and maybe hearing from others in a similar situation as mine?


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          I switched at 38, I'm now 49. I plan to work for many more years. Love it now that I'm used to it. Be forewarned, it's very hard work, but financially and mentally very rewarding. It takes a good few years to physically master it and understand how to juggle all the dogs and cats to get the most bang, i.e. $$$$ for your efforts. I've re entered my former career and recently something totally different twice in the last 11 yrs, but have decided on staying the course this time for good. The money for the hours worked exceeds many other careers.