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  • Back brace/support suggestions

    Hi every one! I've been grooming for about 13 years and just NOW decided to start wearing a back support Should have done this long ago, but better late than never! Just wondering if anyone here has suggestions, brands , pics of ones that work for them. They're a bit pricey and don't want to go through 3-4 to find a good one! (Done that with knee and wrist braces, luckily they're a little cheaper!) My lower back is where most pain is, especially after a big dog day. Thanks for any input

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    my lunges, build your musculature and it will help tons....I keep telling myself this also!! So far no go. But I have a plan...


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      I'm with Kat on this. Build your core/back strength up! It will help in the long term.

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        Have to agree that strengthening the core is better than a brace. My godfather worea brace for years and then was told that the brace had actually made things worse since he lost muscle strength by depending upon it. Use it or lose it type of deal. Get your doctor to write a s cript for physical therapy (via yoga or pilates) and will bet that it works better.
        Until then though, try a hot tub, massage, BioFreeze and SalonPas patches. Hope you feel better soon.


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          Thanks ladies! I do try to work out (recently started Insanity videos and also jog when weather permits.) maybe need to focus more on core type exercises. Biofreeze is also my best friend!! Guess I'll inform hubby we "need" a hot tub!! Haha


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            Although I agree that core strength is essential, I also wear a brace under my clothes for extra support when I groom. I don't wear it too tight, it is more to keep me from bending in the wrong places because I have scoliosis in my spine. Mine says Harbinger on it and I bought it off Amazon. It is some sort of nylon because I wanted one that I could launder. It also has a flat roller style buckle that the strap goes through and then velcros back onto the belt. This allows it to be worn under your clothes so you don't look like a baggage handler at the airport.


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              Originally posted by wild4westies View Post
              This allows it to be worn under your clothes so you don't look like a baggage handler at the airport.