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    Ok, lately my hands have been going numb. As if they are falling asleep but without the pins and needles feeling. It usually happens when I have to grip anything for any length of time, such as the steering wheel. But now my wrists and hands are also aching. So if they aren't numb they are achey and painful. Didn't know if anyone else had this happen. I put a call into my doctor but thought I'd check here to see if maybe someone had experience with it. It hurts to drive after about 10-15 minutes behind the wheel and being mobile, that really stinks. Did a lot of brushing yesterday which probably added to the pain in my hands. Holding the clippers or brushes causes the numb feeling and then when I let go the ache sets in. It's very frustrating.
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    I am no doctor but I would recommend you see one soon. It may just be carpal tunnel and if it is that and caught early enough meds can help. It will progress and get worse and with any luck years from know surgery may end up as the fix. I had it done two yrs ago on both hads (different times) still have some issues but it is better. Considering what you do for a living it probably is carpal tunnel but it could also be something more serious and only a doctor can truly diagnosis it. Do not wait so many things with our health can be handled in a very easy manner but when we wait and then it is more serious and harder to treat and do not get as good of results.

    Keep us posted.



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      I have been dealing with this for years now. I went to a doctor who told me it was carpal tunnel & I could get surgery to alleviate the symptoms. There are many people on the forum that have had the surgery too. But I would suggest this first... I regularly go to an accupuncturist & receive massages. The issue usually is arising from tightness in your neck/shoulders & then travels down your to your hands. I swear by the accupuncture & am glad I can avoid surgery. Try massaging a shoulder with your opposite hand & see if that helps at all too... I sometimes have numbness in my hands when I wake up & I just dig my fingers into my shoulder & it immediately goes away. Also wrist braces help to give your hands a rest.
      We all work extremely hard & it takes a toll on our bodies, remember to take care of it... they are part of the tools we use to get our jobs done
      Good Luck


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        Thoracic Outlet Syndrome responds to massage and the like in the shoulders and neck. CT will NOT respond to that. Many doctors when they hear what we do, automatically diagnose CT. Many times it isn't.
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          I've seen doctors for my hands before and was told carpel tunnel would cause pain on the underside of my hands, not the top. Well, not only the top. All the pain is on the top of my hands. Don't know if that means the docs I saw at the time were wrong or that it truly can't be CT. RA does run in my family so I do worry about that as I know symptomes normally appear in your 30's. It has deformed my grandmothers hands and feet something awful.
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            Got the Surgery

            Hi, I too had lots of pain for over 15 years on my hands and finally this past month I had the surgery for carpal tunnel and I am so happy I more pain Yeah! I did the left hand first beacuse i'm a leftty and the end of this year i will do the right hand i thought no pain after the surgery and in 3 weeks I'm back to work. ... I waited so long because of fear and listening to everyone with different opinions...and finally I just did it and no more pain!!! My surgeon was great! God bless his hands


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              I was having numbess in my hands and fingers.

              I go to a Chiropractor regularly, and told them about it at the end of one of my appts. He popped both my hands/wrists, and havent had any numbess since! that was @ four months ago.


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                Just another opinion

                I get steriod shots in my wrists and it really helps. I have heard that it is an inflamation of the tendons in the wrist, the pressure caused by the swelling is the numbness and pain. There is a theory that it is improper movement of the shoulders that cause the extra pressure on the wrists? My doctor says surgery is not a permanent fix, its causes a lot of time off work and isnt worth the money...