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Cat bite... Should I really take off work?

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  • Cat bite... Should I really take off work?

    Hello all,

    This is my first post on here, but I figured I would give it a shot!

    I'm a grooming assistant, training to be a full groomer, I was bitten pretty badly today by an older cat. I did go to Urgent Care, and I was put on antibiotics.. The doctor requested that I take tomorrow off as well, but I know the company I work for really doesn't want me to. (It's a veterinary hospital) Now, later at night, it's swelling quite a bit and the antibiotics are making me feel like ****. Is it necessary to the healing process to take tomorrow off?

    Any helpful advice about cat bites would be great as well!

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    I would, the swelling will probably be worse tomorrow and it will hurt!


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      you most

      likely wont be able to move it so well if it swells up bad, kitty bites are a huge bummer take care of it watch for infection (red line going up your arm) if you work keep it dry and clean................personally Id take the day.


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        LIsten to the doctor! Especially since it's a bad bite that's swelling and inflamed looking. Even though you are on antibiotics, you need to keep a close eye on it because it's not that uncommon for people to need IV antibiotics to help w/cat bite infections. The fact that it's an older cat makes infection even more likely as they have more bad gunk on their teeth to hurt you with. I'm kinda surprised that a vet, of all employers, would balk at you taking a day off at a doctors recommendation.
        SheilaB from SC


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          Yes, you should stay at home and rest. You need to watch that bite very closely. Cat bites are some of the worse.

          I barely had my skin broken by a cat and ended up with a very serious infection. Same thing happened with a small break in my skin by a old Pom. That one almost landed me in the hospital.

          If the swelling continues and any signs of redness going up your hand towards your arm, you need to run back to the ER.

          Listen to the doctor.


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            I feel for you as I know first hand how painful a cat bite can be. Please listen to your doctor and never, I repeat NEVER take a cat bite lightly. I ended up with a very bad infection from a cat bite that swelled so bad it had to be lanced and drained. I have an associate who spent some time in a hospital with I.V. antibiotics due to a cat bite - and she almost lost the use of her hand! I find it hard to believe a veterinary facility would give you a hard time about this as they should know how dangerous a cat bite can be.I have experienced a few veterinarians who have little respect for groomers-all the while they are making a nice chunk of change off our sweat. Don't let them intimidate you. My sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.


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              If the doctor said stay home then STAY HOME. The doctor has the final say not your employer! I have spent three days in the hospital due to bad cat bites. the antibiotics the doctor gives you DO NOT always work so if your hand is still swelling or the pain gets really bad DO NOT HESITATE to go back. had minor surgery to drain my bites and was still lucky I didn't lose my hand (might have if I hadn't done a lot of "draining" myself in the sink in the bathroom at the hospital!). These are nothing to play with and you should be covered under workers comp as well!
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                Yes, listen to Ellie. Keep an eye on that cat bite. I have heard and read all kinds of horror about cat bites. You can lose a finger. You can even have permanent nerve damage from a cat bite. So, no messing around. Stay home.


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                  I'm with the others on this. Stay home.

                  Cat bites can go from a little nothing to a great big something very quickly. If it is swelling, it is probably trying to turn into a great big something and you may need to see the doctor again if that happens.

                  If the doc told you to stay home and your bosses are grumbling and trying to make you come in, call the doctor and have him put you on medical leave until he releases you. That should stop the pressure from your employers.


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                    Cat bites ARE the worst. If antibiotics are making your feel bad it is because you need food in your tummy to take them. Your hand will swell and be painful. Should you work? That is your bad do you feel? I wouldn't take the day off but that is just me. Being bit is an occupational hazard.
                    But take special care to keep hand clean and dry as possible. And I am very sorry this happened to you! Hope you fee better soon.
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                      yes, stay home. Doctors orders! You probably don't want to be working in a fast paced environment when you aren't feeling well, take the day to relax, watch a movie, and return well mended. Sorry you got bit, cat bites are nasty stuff!


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                        When I was bitten, I hot packed my hand immediately, and 3 times a day for several days. I did this in addition to seeing my Dr. and oral antibiotics. I used water as hot as I could stand it, laced with beta-dine and Epsom salts. As I soaked, I massaged around the wounds to encourage drainage. This really relieved the inflammation and the pain.


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                          I agree with everyone else here! Twice I have been hospitalized due to cat bites so that I could be treated with IV antibiotics, the doctor didn't mess around and wait for it to get infected either time since the possibility of the bite reaching the finger bones existed.

                          Since this was a work related injury you REALLY need to follow the doctor orders. If it should get infected and need further treatment workmen's comp insurance will not take it very lightly if you do not follow the Dr.s orders from the beginning. I'm assuming that this was reported through your workmen's comp insurance..... if not, please protect your right to protect yourself and make sure it's reported. Your employer may get their feathers ruffled by this but it's the reason they do carry it. A bad cat bite is a serious injury, please take care of yourself!!