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Using Clippercide to Remove Dog Lice

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  • Using Clippercide to Remove Dog Lice

    I was asked by a pet groomer if I was carrying Clippercide. I did not have any in stock but I asked for what ?

    It was to remove dog lice, she said.

    The following day, I asked a vet about this. In two visits, we treat the dog that has dog lice, she should have not performed the service.

    Think that the groomer was pushing it to not loose the $$$ from the service.

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    Lice are easy to kill w/ a variety of approved and safe products labeled for that purpose..
    Dogs are also easy to kill if someone is using Clippercide to spray on the dog if it has lice.

    I wouldn't even make the leap that this groomer is smart enough to think about "pushing it not to lose the $$$ from the service", as this just sounds like total stupidity to me.
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      The treatment method for dog lice is relatively simple, but it is best if you let your vet recommend the best methods available. One of the most natural treatments includes bathing your dog daily for a while and allowing the natural shampoo to lather and remain on the dog for about ten minutes.
      dog lice


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        I agree with kianboy, as a groomer here in santa monica, we asked our vet that is associated with us and he recommended a simple solution it is called Best Yet cedercide. Sounds scary but it actually works. Not only do we use it on our dogs as a flea treatment for dogs that have fleas but it works great on lice, mites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, chiggers, and ticks, you name it. He sells it in his vet practice over topical flea treatments. We tried it now we cannot keep the product on our shelfs. It was developed for the military as a holistic form of peticide overseas. It is DEET FREE. and yes it is oily at first but does absorb into the dogs coat and leaves a shine to the coat which actually looks great. here is the website, they also produce for livestock to rid area of flies and harmful insects on cattle.


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          To start, in severe infestations, matted hair should be clipped. You can also use flea combs to removed live and dead lice. Many insecticides are effective treatments for lice in dogs. Fipronil, imidacloprid, and selamectin are all effective.


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            What do you guys use in your salon if you come across lice on a dog? To prevent any spread. Like say for example if your bather started blow drying and thought it was just paint in their ears... How would you handle the possible contamination? So the possibility of nits being blown across salon, into kennel bank, onto your own dogs bed, etc..

            We hardly ever see lice or fleas and now I have another groomer in my salon, not so easy to just move dogs and close for cleaning

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              That is a puzzle. If we have a dog with fleas they go immediately to the tub regardless of condition. I think if we saw lice we would send to vet first.


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                We require the vet to provide us with product. Then we schedule and the dog goes from the door to the tub. No issues ever this way.


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                  I wonder if she meant to clean the equipment after grooming the dog with lice... not that it'd help much but people disinfect after lots of conditions they don't need to.
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