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  • pain has returned

    I had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists in January. well here we are, not 6 months later and my hands hurt. my elbows hurt. and my shoulders hurt. I really dont want to go back to the doctor. I'm in a relly bad place right now. physically and mentally. I just dont know what to do. my husband suggested closing up shop for a while, maybe a year. I know hes thinking of me and my health and happiness. I feel so guilty. we are not in a good place financially, so we really cant afford for me to be out of work. ugghh! so while I ramble. any suggestions for some pain relief? I am already visiting the chiropractor twice a month, and getting a massage once a month. helps some, someone else had suggested accupuncture, but insurance doesnt cover that and its not cheap. I'm trying to cut back on the dogs I do. going to raise some prices. I'm trying not to take new clients, but I struggle with this face to face. I think I know what I should do, but I have a hard time doing it.

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    My hand surgeon told me tha tif you have CT surgery and the pain comes back quickly it wasnt CT to begin with!

    Once a month massage is not enough. I went WEEKLY for an hour when I was hurting badly. CHiros n ever did help me.

    If you are hurting in the shoulder and elbows and hands you are #1 doing something wrong, #2 have another issue going on, or #3 are using the wrong equipment.

    If memory serves, before you had the surgery you said you hurt elsewhere as well.......CT will really not affect shoulders and elbows. Something else, is causing your issues. A different doctor, NOT A HAND DOCTOR< an ortho. That is what you need. You need to document what hurts you, when it hurts, how it feels, triggers.....and then you will get answers.

    That said, I groom all day 5 days a week. My neck hurts every now and again, but my hands, arms, shoulders.....NO. I have equipment that fits and is in top shape and my shears were fitted to my hand. I let my equipment do the work. I groom about 15-20 dogs every day. Finish work mostly, very little bathing, some drying. The only time grooming makes me hurt is doing big hairy brushouts and I refuse to do those anymore.
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      Originally posted by petpalswi View Post

      I'm in a relly bad place right now. physically and mentally...I just dont know what to do. my husband suggested closing up shop for a while, maybe a year. I know hes thinking of me and my health and happiness. I feel so guilty. we are not in a good place financially, so we really cant afford for me to be out of work. ugghh!... I think I know what I should do, but I have a hard time doing it.
      You know the old saying about stomach ulcers? "It's not what you're eating - It's what's eating you."

      I think you might be stressed out over other things and that might be what the real problem is. The discomfort you feel might simply be the symptom of other issues in your life.

      Your statement that "I know what I should do" tells me you already know this.


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        I had the same issue, Different doc said I prob. never needed the CT surg. Pinched nerve in back most likely culpret. I did go to physical therapy that helped a lot till recently , I started taking something called joint juice, seems to be helping, every nite i also use aspercream on neck , shoulder , elbows and hands and wrists. Still some minor pain and stiffness but way better except with big harry burshouts...


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          Actually, your sympotms sound a lot like thoracic outlet syndrome. I'm really surprised, considering the nature of our work, that more groomers aren't diagnosed with it. But CT is convenient, and TOS is considered rare by some doctors, so they don't look past our hands. See an ortho or a neuro.


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            Exactly like me

            Wow. Reading your post is the exact place I am in. I could not believe what I was reading it was as if I did the writing. I do 2 massages a week 3 visits to chiro and 2 accupuncture a week. No I am not getting better. He told me I would not get any better b/c of the line of work I am in. I do have a bad case of fibromyalgia and hurt really bad some days it only b/c of Gods grace that I am able to do anything but I pursure on b/c of financial needs. My husband says quit I say can't b/c of the money. I have to work from home (business in is my home) b/c I have a type 1 diabetic child (and there is alot that goes into that, I had no idea before she was diagnosed at age 6). I have went to several pain clinics have had several shots and only 1 time did that help (that was a good 3 months also) but they said that they can no longer help me anymore for there is nothing they can do for me now besides pain killers... I forgot to mention the pain I had....pain in shoulders, neck-to the point of sometimes having to hold my head up with my hands, arm pain and upper back pain besides the pain I have throughout my muscles all over my body.
            I feel for you and understand where you are coming from.


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              elbow pain

              I also had carpel tunnel surgery yrs ago. Fortunately mine has never come back. However a few yrs ago i was diagnosed with "Tennis Elbow" The pain was so severe i couldn't even use my finger to spray a bottle of cologne. I had lost all strenght in my right arm. After 4 cortisone injections i was told i needed to have surgery. I couldn't afford to take off that much time!! Anyway my sister had just joined this "Wellness" company that had lots of vitamins and stuff and told me to try Glucosimine. I looked at her like she was an idiot and had no clue how much pain i was in-i was set for surgery!!! This was serious!! I didn't just need a stupid supplement! Anyway i tried it and within 4 weeks-no more pain. Now when i get a tinge of pain in my elbow-kind of like i hit my funny bone i start on it again and it's gone. My employess who have wrist pain now use it and they haven't had to have wrist surgery like i did. I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY. But so did i believe me-now i am much more open to things like that. I also go for a 30 min massage just neck and upper back more often instead of an hr which is more costly and i spread out a little. I'm with the other writer who says more often is better. I sure hope you figure out what is wrong with you, maybe this won't work for you but i had to share it just in case it helps someone. If you try it be sure to get a good brand-they aren't all alike mine cost about $17 for 90 tabs. Its 1,500mg of HCI the most absorbable form. Some come with chonodroiton which helps also. good luck, diane


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                Diane...can you tell me the brand you use...would love to start using this as I don't want to be in pain and DON'T want surgery!


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                  It could be....

                  I started out with wrist pain, then pain and stiffness in my hands, the pain in elbows, along forearms, numbness in hands, then swelling and pain....

                  think about the possiblity of Lyme - no, there isn't always a rash, and you may even get it with a tick bite. Also many co-infections cause this and many other symptoms. Look up Babesia and Bartonella (Cat Scratch Fever)

                  Mine - about 4 years and many other symptoms and severe decline in health later - has turned out to be Human Leptospirosis, another spirochete / spirochetal infection.


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                    petpalswi: where in Wi are you located??

                    I used to have severe back, leg, neck and shoulder pain, and I'm way to young for that..Tried PT, was told I needed Cort injections, had ultrasounds done and never went through with surgery. I also have bursitis in both hips and a malformed pelvis, which is where a lot of my pain stemmed from. That all being said, I visited so many doctors and so many specialists and they could never give me an answer. I finally went to a Chiro who found out that the back, neck and hip pain was from degenerated disks in my spine that had been damaged from putting stress on them while bending at certain angle. IE-grooming big dogs at petsomething. I've been seeing her for over 2 years, I've opened my own salon, and I make an effort to take special care to always keep myself in the best positions while grooming and not over exert myself. I've started eating a lot better, taking vitamins and flax oil, and it's all made a world of diffference.

                    I was miserable, with no answer and pain extending back into my teenage years, and I finally learned that it was how I was treating my body. Pain most often comes from inflammation of something: muscle, joint, tendon, should really do as was suggested and write down when it hurts, where, what you were doing, and maybe you'll see a pattern. I think we all know how frustrating pain can be in our line of work, but trusting a doctor when it comes to pain was the worst thing I did, when I should have been looking to myself instead. Don't give up! Try some alternative medicine practices, and it might help you a lot

                    Bet of luck getting onto a healthy path! Also, remember, the right state of mind can also help to get you into a better place. Depression really does hurt and even though you may not feel clinically depressed, anxiety and pain are cyclical, feeding off each other and building. Try Yoga, or T'ai Chi, I highly recommend both!


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                      I had the same problem. My hands and arms actually worsened. I still remember very clearly telling the doctor how my pain was mild in my elbow and also sometimes my shoulder to my ear would hurt. He blew it off. He literally just waved his hand in the air, like it was nothing. So I had the surgery, I really just wanted relief. I finally went to an accupunturist and then an ART specialist. It was all caused from a pinched nerve. They knew as soon as I started telling them my symptoms. So I got a needless surgery, and now how to deal with scar tissue tearing up my wrists.
                      Sorry I got off track. If you can find an ART specialist, go to them. Most insurances do not cover it, but you will heal. It stands for Active Release Techniques. It has been a life saver. Also look for places that offer group accupuncture, they are cheaper, because you are in a room with several people at a time. Or a holistic school that teaches accupuncture. For a few months now, I have been pain free amost days, today my hands hurt, but thats only because I'm still being treated and I overdid it at work a few days ago. I did two briard brush outs pus a lot of bathing blow drying and grooming.
                      Good Luck, I know your pain and frustration, sorry you are going through it