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    My very close friend just started a new job on Monday. She went to her new job on Wednesday....told her co-workers she wasn't feeling too good. Then shortly after that...they had to call 911. Turns out she had a heart attack! She's only 37. They think it was caused by un-treated diabetes. I'm worried about her. I'm going to call her tomorrow or stop over to see if I can do anything for her. I know she's not a groomer....but I had to tell somebody. And everyone here is such great listeners. Thank you for listening.

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    That is sooooo scary and I hope your friend will be okay. Every year you hear about people having heart attacks at younger and younger ages, makes me wonder what is going on. They say that women are a lot more likely to die from a heart attack because the symptoms are often not associated w/heart attack, and medical personel will often look for other things besides heart problems in a woman. Give your friend a big hug. I will be adding her to my prayers.
    SheilaB from SC


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      That's soo... scary

      That poor woman. I hope she's alright and it wasn't a really major one or anything. It's a good thing they caught it quickly. Well be thinking of her and hoping she recovers.

      A woman where I was working in the last grooming shop, had a major heart attack at 43. She's recovering well now and being closely monitored but has to be on coumadin the rest of her life.


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        So sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully, something positive will come out of this and she will have a healthier life in the future.

        It is so scary. I've been hearing more and more of this lately, and being an overweight woman in my early 40's its beginning to hit home, especially since I'm one of those people that never go to the doctor.

        I'm sure it will make her day to hear from you, and to know that you are a friend who cares when things are not going well.
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          Diabetics are 50% more likely to have cardiac disease. The worst part is that many have "silent" (meaning no chest pain warnings/angina) due to nerve injuries from high blood sugar. Anyone who is diabetic should check their blood sugar 4X/day to prevent these side effects of unregulated sugar. Your friend has age on her side, she'll need to carefully monitor her lifestyle. Hope she's doing better