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  • Without thinking

    I have been grooming this cocker for a few years, when I started I got the grooming card from old groomer. In big bold letters it says "Muzzle for feet and nails" So I have been doing that. But today I was chatting with a friend who stopped in, and before I know it the feet and nails where done, No muzzle needed. I couldn't wait to tell the owner!

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    I inherited a few dogs like that from the previous groomer where I work. She had a bad attitude so I don't know if the dogs were "bad" and "had to be muzzled" because of the bad vibe she gave off or if they just got better over time. Obviously that dog trusted you because you were calm, confident, and compassionate. The important C's of grooming
    Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.