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  • Elbow pain question...

    so I have been having a lot of numbness and tingling in my left hand and recently I have started having really bad elbow pain and my left arm is "tired" constantly!. It feels like I have a nail stuck in my elbow all the time. Anyone else have this issue? I have an appointment with a orthopedic guy friday, but wonder if it is a nerve thing. Ugggg! I don't think it's CT, but Im not sure. ANy suggestions would be helpful!


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    I know the feeling

    I have the same problem , I have not been to a doctor yet as I have no insurance but when I went to one of the grooming shows several groomers told me that it seemed like very advanced carpal tunnel, which we eventually all get with our career


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      I have two bad discs in my neck from a car accident back in the 70's. I have had shots in the neck to alleviate the pain down my arm. Sometimes my fingers would cramp due to the nerve compression in my neck. I've never have had carpal tunnel.


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        My first step would be to the chiropractor. Most are very reasonable and many offer free exam/x-rays.


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          I'm becoming somewhat of an expert on this as I've had surgery on 2 discs in my neck and my 87 year old dad had surgery for CT last week. For me, the neck pain radiated down my arm and into my hand so I didn't have much strength. When the pain got really bad I went in for an MRI (pain was so bad I couldn't concentrate...but kept grooming) and my disc had compressed my spinal cord. The neck pain was much worse than the arm pain. When the surgeon saw the MRI surgery was performed within the week to prevent nerve damage. Both surgeries were very expensive but right now I'm pain free! The last surgery was the day after Thanksgiving this past year and I missed about a week of grooming and was back to my normal stuff but couldn't lift for a few weeks.

          My dad went to the surgeon about his CT and was told to go home and take 50 mil. of Vitamin B6 2 times a day for 6 weeks and to sleep with his hand in a brace (so he couldn't bend it at night). Dr. said it would either be better or stay the same. He said many people can avoid surgery this way. Dad did what he said but it was no better in 6 weeks so he had the surgery. The whole procedure took about 15 min. and he was given meds so he was awake but didn't remember anything. The Dr. said he talked the whole time! Anyway, he has a 1" incision in the part of his palm that joins his wrist. Dr. told him to do his normal stuff and to keep it moving. He's had no pain after surgery and never even needed to take the pain pills the Dr. gave him. Oh, I almost forgot, one of the ways he could tell he had CT was to have him hold his hand in the position you would have if you waved up, then hold it in that down wave position for up to 2 min. If it was numb, it was probably CT. The general dr. had sent him to have a nerve test done as well, but I'm not sure if that was really necessary.


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            When I went to the orthopedic surgeon with my elbow pain (couldn't lift anything one handed, couldn't squeeze anything at all, constant elbow pain) I was diagnosed with severe tendonitis (tennis elbow) and had to get cortisone shots in both elbows, which hurt like heck. It hasn't bothered me since I got the shots, but I tried exercises, pain killers and anti inflammatories first, but nothing ever helped.


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              tennis elbow

              I had the same problem in my right elbow. I have had both wrists done (carpal tunnel) so i knew it wasn't that. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow. I had a series of 4 cortisone shots then they said no more they wanted to operate. My sister suggested Glucosimine HCI. I thought she was joking because my pain was so severe like you i couldn't even use my finger to spray a bottle, i had lost all my strength. So i amused her and tried it and within 4 weeks no more pain. Now when ever i get that tingling feeling almost like i hit my funny bone on my elbow i start taking it again and it works. My employees who have wrist pain take it and it helped them too. It may not work for everyone but i thought i would share this because it was so simple i was sure it wouldn't work-i now keep my mind open a little more when it comes to supplements. I hope this helps you.


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                yes. I have severe pain in both my elbows, shoulders, wrists and hands. I had double carpal tunnel release surgery in january. the pain has not gone away. I thought it would take time, maybe I didnt give myself enough time to heal. but the truth is now I think I jumped the gun on surgery. the doctor I visited was a specialist in ct, I was tested and confirmed to have ct, but he never examined the problems in my elbows or shoulders. I stopped accepting new clients months ago and just recently cut my clientele in half. I have an appointment with a new doctor next month. I visit my chiropractor weekly and have a massage monthly. I am looking into supplements, excersices and accupuncture. my advice, dont stop at the first diagnoses. this is "your" body and you have to look out for it. I am now looking into what I can do when I cant physically groom anymore. I didnt think I would have to start looking now, I thought I had at least 10 years left. honestly, now I will be happy with 2.


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                  I'm not sure your situation but have you thought about your own bus. I opened my bus from home 25 yrs ago and evolved into a full basement shop with 5 employees that have carried me through all my down time when i have been sick. I know it's tough when you are a groomer to have to look at other options because you are a "groomer"! Can you train anyone to take over and just become the boss? I agree with you if your wrists aren't better by now something is wrong-they are sore for a while, but immediately you will feel the relief from the tingling and numbness. I'm also with you on not settling on the first one or even two diagnosis. I've had a rare sinus infection the last 2 yrs that has sent me to 24 diff drs from Utah to John's Hopkins in Maryland all the way to San Diego where i found my dr i call my "angel". It's been a journey but we should never give up when they say "sorry can't help you, you just have to live with it". Good luck and i hope this new dr helps you.


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                    In the same boat

                    I was just about to start a thread on wrist pain, too. That's a big part of why I joined the board, actually.

                    I've never been diagnosed with CT, but over the past few months my wrist pain has gotten a lot worse. Lots of numbness, tingling and pain. I've also had the elbow pain that the original poster mentioned. So I have a few questions:

                    1. At what point do you finally break down and see your doctor about it?

                    2. Do supplements really work? Like the glucosamine and B6 (was it?)?

                    3. Do the braces help? Does anyone wear one while grooming? Can't imagine it'd be comfy with all the hair splinters, but...

                    Even typing this is slightly painful. When I went to handwrite a letter today, I was alarmed to notice I couldn't hold the pen very tightly or with ease. Crazy! So what would your course of action be? I'm only 30 and have been grooming professionally since '05.


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                      I was almost going to post on this subject. I have developed slight pain in both elbows but not to the point that it prevents me from doing anything. What is bothering me is that I have water on my left elbow that hasn't gone away for over a month now. It's not painful but is twice the size of my other elbow. Has anyone ever had that happen?


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                        Originally posted by dbarcreations<3westies View Post
                        I was almost going to post on this subject. I have developed slight pain in both elbows but not to the point that it prevents me from doing anything. What is bothering me is that I have water on my left elbow that hasn't gone away for over a month now. It's not painful but is twice the size of my other elbow. Has anyone ever had that happen?
                        Yes. I am dealing. With it now in fact. It is bursitis and it needs treatment by a doc.

                        I have chronic hand and wrist issues from befoe I was a groomer. I work with a brace sometimes and use a latex or nitrile glove to keep hair off. This week the Bursitis is affecting my hand as well (muscles tensing and over compensating) so I have worked with the taped to the hand. I can still scissor but typing is another issue
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                          Thanks for the tip about the Glucosimine HCI....I will be picking some up and using it!