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  • Painful hands

    My hands have really been hurting a lot the last few months. My doctor told me it wasn't carpel tunnel because the pain is in the top of my hands and not underneath. It hurts to grasp things. Even just driving, holding onto the steering wheel is uncomfortable. it's getting harder and harder to groom multiple pets because usually after one groom my hands are aching. the doc is treating me for tendonitis, but it doesn't seem to be working so far. I'm supposed to rest my hands as much as possible (so as far as you know, I am typing with my nose) wear these wrist braces, etc. I haven't found any relief from it yet. I don't know if I should ask for a referral to some kind of specialist or if there are any tests I should ask for? The tops of my hands hurt and in between the knuckles. I don't know what the symptoms for arthritis are, I've been too afraid to even ask. My grandmother has severe rheumatoid arthrits that has deformed her hands and feet and I know it started in her early 30's which is where I am now. So I haven't even wanted to ask if that was a possibility, but I think with my doctor, she would have told me if it was a concern. She is my grandmothers doctor as well, so she knows her history well.
    Anyone ele have anything similar where they found a difinitive answer? She seems to be guessing right now and just trying to figure out what is wrong through process of elimination.
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    You need to see a hand specialist. And I'd ask for an EMG and a nerve conduction study. It's not the most fun test in the world, but it'll tell you if it's neurological. According to my docs, if the pain is in the palms they suspect tendor sheath problems, if it's only the joints, all the way around, they suspect arthritis, but if it's the tops of the hands, they suspect a neurological problem like peripheral neuropathy.

    I have neuropathy in my feet, and it sounds an awful lot like what you're experiencing. In my case it's a combination of back injury and diabetes, but there are other causes. The bad news? There's no cure for neuropathies. The good news? It's usually easy to control.


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      Mylady, I don't have any insight for you but just wanted to say I hope you get relief and positive answers soon. My hands bother me too (I think it is a combination of carpal tunnel, arthritis, and some thing the chiropracter told me and I can't remember) and it's no fun grooming with that.


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        I have the same issues with my hands and my feet I have had this problem long before I started grooming I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 21 .What I do when it flares up is massage my hands( working from the palm forward finger tips) until the cramp subsides enough to move my hands freely and painlessly.I have found that it will flare up more often when I do not drink enough fluids (water) I have a bad habit of living on coffee and diet pepsi which is a no no.Diet also can play a role on flare ups, if you do not eat properly( groomers tend to eat very poorly) lack of essential vitamins in your body can cause this flaring more often.With me personally I do not always eat during the day so now I have found if I start the day with a V8 for breakfast and another for lunch and a good meal for dinner the pain and cramping come less often and less severe when it does.


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          I feel your pain, but I'm quite a bit older than you Melissa! I have aches and pains all the time, but I just keep on keepin' on. I am not a dr person and don't even like to talk about my pains. It wouldn't do me a bit of good to complain, lol, still have to work so...

          You really ought to look into the arthritis thing. Even if you dr has not recommended testing, perhaps you should see a Rheumatologist. Even if it's not RA, it could be some other inflammatory joint problem that can be simply treated and give you some relief.

          My husband has Osteoarthritis, but his joints LOOK like he's got RA. They've tested him 3 or 4 times at his regular dr and have since referred him to a Rheumatologist. They found he had Gout and was vitamin D deficient (no big surprise as many people are), but since they have been treating for Gout, his joints have been hurting a lot less. They also have him on 1500mg fish oil, Vit D supplement and the gout med's. He was finally able to give up his wheelchair after 6 years! Of course, he still has some trouble getting around, but at least he can!

          Hope you get to feeling better.

          Seriously, ask your dr for a referral. It could make the world of difference.


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            I know this is no cure or answer for you, but I have sore hands too. I rub "Blue Emu" creme on them and it seems to help with the pain. Good luck!


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              I tend to have the same issue as you. About once a year in the Spring. It was diagnosed as Tendonitis. I wear braces and take prescription anti inflammatories. It does help but takes a bit to go away (up to 2 months some years). Then I am good for the year.
              does it hurt right at the top of your wrist and hands? Is it swollen? Mine will swell if it is really bad.....I have never had it checked further and has always been concerned with Arthritis. R. Arthritis runs heavily in my family as well and I guess I am just afraid to find out that may be a problem for me. So I am satisfied with Tendonitis
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