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  • Scabies?

    I had a regular client call for an appointment & he told me that his dog caught scabies from the last grooming appointment (that's what his vet said) & that he in turn caught it from the dog.
    The dog's symptoms were itching & hair loss. He's a Goldendoodle. I asked if the vet did a skin scraping test & he said no, how could they get through all that hair? (his last grooming was in Dec & I used a E snap on)

    He seemed to be blaming me for not disenfecting well enough, but no other clients had this complaint & I didn't catch anything. Frankly, I'm not even sure there was a correct diagnosis.

    Anyways, he claims him & the dog are treated & cleared & he has an appointment for Mon, but I've kinda got the he-B-G-bees thinking about grooming this dog.(I'm scratcing now just writing about it)

    Any thoughts or experiences with this type of thing? I don't really have a question per-se, because it just seems like a fishy story...
    And I'm kinda' aggravated that He "has to believe the Vet" even though I explaind our cleaning procedures, & that no one else caught anything.

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    The chances are good that what he heard and what the vet said are two different things. Without skin scrapings no one can be 100% certain that the dog had scabies. And without a skin scraping you can't be sure he no longer has scabies, either. And yes, they can do a skin scraping even if the dog has long, dense hair. From the belly and arm pits, for example, which is where the buggies are most likely to be anyway.

    I'd ask to speak with his vet. I'd also tell him you need conformation from the vet that the dog no longer is infested. After all, if he is, someone else might pick them up.


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      Well if in fact the dog has contracted scabies as the client states, I would refuse to groom this dog without proper release (in writing this dog does not have scabies) from his vet.#1 if you had transmitted scabies to this dog during its last groom you would also have had to have it yourself.Knowing you did not contract this yourself .It obviously did not come from your shop.You also do not want it in your shop it is highly contagious .