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Does this happen to anyone else?

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  • Does this happen to anyone else?

    You hear about people who have restless leg syndrome, but what about restless hand/arm syndrome?

    The thought just occurred to me, because I have an appointment with the ortho Dr. tomorrow morning. Been having a shooting pain in my that sends a tingling sensation up my arm. It only lasts for a few seconds - just long enough for me to drop my clippers and it's extremely irritating. But now that I think about it, for the past year I've had problems with my right arm getting "restless" at night. I don't know how to explain it other then to say I get this sudden urge to tense every muscle in my hand and arm to try to get rid of it - except it doesn't work. lol It's not painful, just VERY irritating.

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    I had restless leg syndrome for years. Almost drove me insane. At the time I didn't know there was actually
    a name for it. I would stretch my legs, get up and walk around, nothing helped.
    I have a rare blood type that does not contain much iron. I was tired all the time and couldn't sleep for my legs
    jumping and feeling like the nerves were going crazy. I started on iron tablets and in a couple of weeks my legs
    stopped going nuts every night. I have not had restless leg syndrome since then. I guess it could happen in the arms
    as well. Maybe mention this to your Doctor. Hope you get some help because I know how it feels.


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      I have had something similar

      I have never been good at cleaning mirrors and the last time I kept trying to get the smears off.The next early morning (still the middle of the night) I woke with a restless weird aching arm. Those long wipping sweeps really got my arm. I didn't know what to do with it. Not sore muscles; it just ached in an odd way. I also often wake thinking my left arm is emaciated and it might have cancer. It is just a feeling and thought when I am not totally awake yet. I guess seeing a doctor is in order. Yours sounds like a nerve problem.


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        Sorry to hear about your arm pain. Interesting question about the restless leg/arm thing. Now you have me wondering as well. I've had restless legs before - not all the time and usually not too bad (lasting about an hour), but not heard of the arms being affected. Let us know what the Ortho says.
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          I have RLS, so does my one sister and my mom. My mom had it much worse than I do and I have had it since I was a kid. From how restless a sleeper my daughter is I wouldn't be surprised if she had it too. I've never heard of it affecting an arm, but why not? I'll be interested to know what the doc says. They put me on klonopin (sp?) for it, but that stuff knocked me for a look so I stopped taking it and deal with it. One of the things I found that works for my legs is laying on my stomach and putting weight on the back of my leggs. I'll fold up a bunch of heavy blankets and just place them on the back of my calves and that has really helped at times. Don't know why it works though.
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            Saw the Ortho today and my X-rays look fine. Doc thinks I may have hit my wrist or on something and tweaked a nerve. Which is very possible considering I spend most of my days wrestling with beasts Well, that and I'm clumsy and usually do more damage to myself then the dogs do. The shooting pain in my has only been the past few days, and I havn't experienced any numbness in my fingertips or wrist pain... nothing like that. And the pain is not bad - just irritating. Honestly, the only reason I wanted to get it checked out right away is because my husband and I are losing our medical insurance April 1st and I figured if anything needed to be done, I had better do it now.

            The doctor seemed a little miffed by the restless arm thing though, and referred me to a neurologist. I'm actually waiting for a callback right now.

            Tzu - now you have me wondering. I am tired and wore down all the time these days. I was really thinking it was just from being overworked, lack of exercise and of course, not eating right. After the first of the year I stopped working Fridays so I could have a nice long 3 day weekend - hoping that would help. But I can't say it has. I feel totally drained. My daughter has always had a problem with low iron, but I've never had mine checked. Hmmmm


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              Hey Scrub, DON'T start taking supplements without having a blood work up first. Some things in supplements, like iron and vitamin D, are toxic if you take too much of them. And while you're at it, have them check your thyroid levels and blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy and hypothyroidism can cause the symptoms you're discribing.

              Personally, I have so much iron in my blood I should rust when I go out in the rain. But I cook everything in cast iron, too. And yes, a tiny bit does leach into your food, especially if you're cooking anything acidic, like tomato sauce.

              But I digress. Your problem may be neurological, and some neurological problems can be related to vitamin or mineral deficiency. And oddly enough, a chiropractor may be able to help. Especially if you have nerve impingement. See the neuro, but consider seeing a chiro too.


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                low iron levels tend to run in the family, I know it does in mine. I can't take iron supplements because they make me horribly nauseous but I have discovered that a spoonful of molasses does the trick, my iron levels are within the normal range now and it gives me an excuse to make lots of corn bread.
                I would agree with the people above me, get a general blood workup if your insurance will cover it. It's simple and can tell you a heck of a lot.