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    well I have groomed 11 dogs in a week and a half. surgery was less than 8 weeks ago. its been pretty painful but I cant afford to be off any longer. I have to borrow money from my parents just to pay march rent. anyways. I hope I dont make it worse, but at this point I have to take a chance. Ive done some research and I now believe I rushed into surgery. Im no longer convinced that carpal tunnel was the (only) culprit. if your plagued with pain and one doctor suggest surgery, get a second and third opinion. and make sure they are addressing every ache. I really like the doctor I had but I think he focused solely on my wrists and never looked at my other concerns. ie; elbows, shoulders, neck, etc. I have a follow up with my surgeon in a few weeks and also need to make an appointment with my primary care doctor. I will be pursuing this, but no time off for a while. I think for now I will stick to regular massage appointments and visit my chiropractor often.

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    Welcome Back

    Glad to hear your back to work. Hope the pain subsides.