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  • Tetanus shots

    I didn't even consider a Tetanus shot when I had my recent dog bite. I looked it up on Google and it said if has been ten yrs you could be in troube. Well, it hasn't been but maybe four. But I got another from the Doctor. So when you have a dog bite remember to think and ask for a tetanus shot if it is deep and or a chance of getting dirty. It can't hurt and it is a good idea to have one up to date. the fish hook thread reminded me that you can never be too safe. I now know how to spell it too. Tet anus. Like that anus. And we all come in contact with those little As don't we? Poop and ecoli probably a lot.

    My finger isn't healing all that well because the skin gets soft and funny from the band aid and it always gets wet no matter what. I have Sun and Monday to dry out and seal over. The antibiotics are a poain, but the anti-diarrheal helps. Now my tummy kinda hurts from those darn pills. I hope Activia helps with bacteria and staying balanced so I don't end up with yeast problems.
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    Most places require that you get one before even starting this career. I've had so many shots that I am sure I will never get tetanus. But that isn't the only thing you need to worry about as far as bites go. It's the possible infections from any bite. Just dirty icky teeth into your flesh can really cause havoc . Especially cat bites. Hope this doesn't scare you away from this career. Many of us still are here to tell tales! And with smiles!


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      I've managed to do a pretty good job hurting myself every 10 yrs so my tet vacc is up to date If you're under a Drs care and the antibiotics bother you that much ask for a prescription probiotic, my aunt takes them I forget the name. Or you can get an OTC one at the drug store. Hope you feel better soon!


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        Sometimes those tummy aches are your first warning that your system is going to reject that antibiotic. I found out the hard way with Cephlexin that I am allergic. First round of cephlexin I just felt funny. Second round I was really queasy. Third round I was so sick I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. Just the thought of it makes me queasy now, and I now won't even handle it to give it to my dogs! Definitely talk to your doctor about your side affects...they may want to change your meds.

        Hang in there and get to feeling better. Have you tried wearing a latex glove inside a dish washing glove on that hand? Might be worth a shot.


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          Acidophilus is the pills you can take to prevent yeast infections. Higher concentration than yogurt. They are over the counter capsules and not too expensive. If I have to take antibiotics, I take them every day and two weeks after I've completed the antibiotics just to be on the safe side. Work for me.