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Carpal Tunnel and Vitamin b6

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  • Carpal Tunnel and Vitamin b6

    I know there's a couple threads going on Carpal Tunnel, but I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. I had carpal tunnel release performed on both wrists some 20 years ago(nothing to do with grooming) almost 5 years ago, I chose to persue a career in grooming, and bam, in the last couple weeks, my wrists have been bothering me, and I'm back to wearing my braces whenever I'm not working. Another groomer advised me to start taking vitamin b6. I started it yesterday. Google it, I was suprised and relieved to read all the info. Just thought I'ld share.

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    Thanks for sharing that Yorkie Gal. I will go get some tomorrow! My CT has been killing me. Someone else on the board gave me a good pc. of info also. Far Infrared Arthritis/Carpal Tunnel gloves , (prolotex). They look like real gloves not a brace and they have the finger tips cut out. i ordered some off the web and I've been sleeping thru the night! ( my hands were going WAY numb to the point of pain). Thanks for the Vit B info.


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      Hmm Geddy, I might have to look into those gloves as well. I'm going to try to ward this off before it becomes as bad as it was before my surgery. I'm also looking into a Back On Track wrist brace. Race horse people swear by the back on track, so I'm looking into it.