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those of u that have carpal tunnel

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  • those of u that have carpal tunnel

    just wondering, do you think the ivac/cliipper vac makes your carpal tunnel worse? Also, how many of you have stopped doing big dogs due to your carpal tunnel. I'm just wondering if its just me, but it seems like i'm always hurting worse after a few big dogs in a row. 5 big dogs in the last two days, the rest little. My sister has been grooming for about 17 yrs in a shop setting and i'm only in it 2 1/2 with mobile and she doesn't have a prob. with carpal tunnel. I'm wondering if that is b/c she doesn't fluff dry from right out of the bath. It seems like the brushing and holding the dryer hose irritates it too. so anyway what's your take on the ivac/clipper vac and the big dogs??? I have to change something. Ouch.

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    i just had surgery

    and I'm not back to work yet. prior to being diagnosed, I had been struggling with the pain for quite a while. I tried different excersizes and braces with little relief. everything aggravated it. big dogs, small dogs, drying, brushing, clipping, scissoring. I really didnt give much thought to my health. I wasnt very particular about my equipment,or techniques. i've learned so much the last couple years at trade shows and seminars, I will be replacing some equipment before returning to work, and tweeking my schedule a bit. just because we can do 10 dogs a day, doesnt mean we should. this is my dream job, I'm not ready to retire. you have to take care of yourself.


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      I have it. I did laser therapy, I bought specialized shears, I wore braces. Nothing worked. I get surgery in a few weeks. I had old style clippervac where the hoses didn't swivel. I stoppe using it because it hurt too much. I can barely scissor, I can barely blow dry, brushing hurts. I agree big dogs hurt more, but probably only because there is more working to do on them. If you haven't seen a doctor do it. The sooner the better. If you are not too far along, there are more options for treatment. Taking time off for surgery sucks, but it wil be a lot worse to work in that pain until it cripples you.
      Take care


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        I have had both done 7 years thing I ever did. Had luxury of taking 4 weeks off for the left. Right one.. actually started grooming a few days after surgery, but gave it a 2 week rest and then started back in slowly.


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          Have you ever tried magnets. They really helped me. Put 4 mag neg side facing your are equally around your wrist. You will need a wrap of some sort to hold them on. An ace bandage or a soft wrist brace. You can leave them on as long as you need. If it is really bad and it sounds like it is take two of them opposite and turn them over to the + side for 15-20 min no long though. This will reduce the inflamation and increase circulation. It worked for me and I have had very little truble every sence. Please try this before you go under the knife.