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  • Accidents

    how can owners make you responsable when you accidently cut a dog and you have to pay for it. I dont work their anymore!!! What do you think about that being allowed

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    If they fired you, I wouldnt worry about it. They cant make you pay, it is their business afterall.


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      Depends on if you are an employee or an IC. Employee - the business pays. IC - you pay.


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        we never cut a pet on purpose

        i would way rather cut myself but i do believe u need to take responsibility. it happens.


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          Over the years I have worked at so many different places with so many different 'rules'. When we decided to open this salon, I chose to respect my groomers BUT make it known that I am not a doormat.

          What I mean is this... worked at a place long time ago, owner paid for any injury. a couple of groomers didnt like being employees for her and were itching to ' start their own place'... (yup, happens) so they didnt care what they were doing, they were only thinking of how they could make her look bad & get started on their place... plus they knew many of the clients in the area. BY brush burning 'accidentally' or bleeding a nail here and there, they actually shaved quite a few dogs down shorter than they should have been, one actually began doing poor work! etc... in short, they made her shop look bad, then they went out seeking the clients they knew, bad mouthing the 'old shop' and promoting their own NEW place, saying they left because she didnt care who she hired etc... I saw it all and thought how could people believe them? Each pet that was done badly was offered a free something costing her lots of money, she eventually let them go when she found replacements. As the saying goes "Good news travels fast - bad news travels faster"

          SO,... in this salon we chose to half it. We pay half if a pet is injured and the groomers (it is part of the employee manual they sign) pay half. I know it is usually an accident but I actually saw one gal just shave part of a bichon's chin with a 10 and I freaked! her explanation... "It was 'pelted'.. it was an out right lie. She then argues with me that to do that.. she wanted to open her own place instead of having to get a percentage if she had to work 'that' hard.. sheesh. She was let go on the spot.

          Dont be fooled, there are some who think anyone who comes in this business are good hearted, caring people who will always do their best.. not true, some are out for themselves and Ive seen way to many try to damage a business only to turn around and try to take clients away through what ever manipulation they can. It is sad really, but common sense is just life experience most times.


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            Well, I don't think it matters whether you work there anymore. If you cut the dog, YOU cut the dog. And if the agreement when you worked there was "The groomer pays for any cuts on a dog", then you should pay for it.

            I worked at a place where the groomer had to pay half. I felt that was fair.

            But anyway, that is what INSURANCE is for, so if it is a big bill, the insurance is a lifesaver.

            Tammy in Utah
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              My personal opinion is that the business should carry insurance, and any injuries requiring medical attention should be turned over to the insurance company.

              I also believe that legally the business is responsible, not the individual. But that would not prevent an angry owner from seeking legal recourse against you, even if you don't work there anymore. However, if the company had insurance covering you when you did work there, the insurance should pay.


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                I beleive if you caused an injury to a pet, you are responsible for the bill. I also think that you should get release forms signed by the pet owner that they take full responsibility if an injury is caused because either the pet is extremely matted or the pet has behaviour problems.


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                  I've been grooming for over 4 years and never had to send a dog to the vet for something I did. I think if you cut or hurt a dog you should pay for it, unless it's in the agreement with the business that they would cover it... but even still....

                  There have been some very small knicks here or there and I've always offered to pay if they decided to go to the vet. I was a IC by the way so I would have had to anyways. Maybe I am very careful or maybe I'm very lucky. I've worked with a girl that cut or brush burned a dog every month! How careless.

                  you cut you pay. It's responsible.