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  • "Groomer Lung"

    So I have been having chest pains and being that I am only 26 was a little worried.

    When I was at the doctors today they said that since I am never really exposed to cigarette smoke, but seemed to be having issues with my lungs that he thinks it is related to the grooming industry. Basically the dander is coating my lungs and making it a little harder to breat, like an asthma I guess.

    I am NOT all the sure. I was given some meds and have to go for an asthma test next week.

    Has anyone heard of this?

    My husband says I should wear a dustmask because I work for a company and we don't have clipper vacs. But I think a mask may make the pups uncomfortable. Any Suggestions

    Stephen: We had groomers wear attractive masks if they wanted to and it didn't seem to bother pets. At times groomer apparel companies made some that matched outfits.

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    Yikes!!!! I don't know about this medically, but it is pretty scary. We always kinda joke about what our lungs probably look like. The amount of dander that we get off the dryer filters is amazing. You know it is all goin right up your nose when you are drying. You have to update us on what the further tests reveal.......


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      Lung problems common

      As far as I know, lung problems are very common in this industry.

      Some people are obviously more prone to them than others. You may be one of the prone ones.

      However, sprays can also trigger a problem. A friend of mine has groomed for about 15 years without problems, until she got a new spray product. It made her cough a bit, she noticed, but then she had worse problems. Her doctor said it looked like asthma, but since she had never had asthma, they should look to a new product that was triggering the reaction. She zeroed in on that new spray, stopped using it, and has been fine.

      Yes, masks are fine to wear. Very smart. I don't wear one. (I guess that tells you how smart I am NOT.) But I have groomed for about 30 years. Chest x-rays show stuff on my lungs that I think they call "indeterminate" specks. I don't have breathing problems. So hopefully I am just not prone to lung issues.


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        I will wear a mask sometimes, and I don't think the dogs notice any difference. Guess I'm scary enough with or without! LOL
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          We've had bathers who would get all dressed up safety goggles, hearing protection, bandanas around there noses and mouthes and big rubber maid gloves and the majority of dogs never blinked an eye.
          Never gonna know if you never even try


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            I have one of the grooming gear masks and don't wear it because it does not stay properly on my head. I keep forgetting to get the ones that hook on your ears as i am fully aware of what I am breathing in. I have been having more and more sinus problems lately. I also wear safety glass a lot when I am drying the dogs because I always have hair in my eyes.
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              I think about this everytime I'm grinding a set nails and blowing all that toenails dust away from my face... Not good!


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                Groomers lung, huh? Is that why I just hacked up a hairball?


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                  I have no doubt

                  I have no doubt that grooming for the last 25 years has taken it's toll on my health..I've developed allergies in the past couple of years, have had a couple of sinus and lung infections, and seem to get sick a lot more. For example, I didn't do much grooming for a little over a year, and since I've been back to grooming full time, I've been NOTHING but SICK! I've had an apparent sinus infection since SEPTEMBER!! A headache since before christmas. I thought my prescription for glasses was in need of a change, but my eye doctor said it's not enough of a change to warrent the headaches. I've taken a few breaks from grooming over the years, and I always seem to be healthier when I'm not grooming. Problem is,, I LOVE grooming, and have always hated any other jobs I've had. We have masks at work, and I swore I would start wearing one, but when I do, I breathe, and my glasses fog!!! So....I ordered contacts for work..I'll wear goggles if I need to while I'm HVing a dog out, but we bathe and dry in a different area then where we groom, so I don't think the hair will be too bad in my eyes and contacts where I do the actual hair cuts, so I'm going to try wearing the mask again..
                  I also contribute a lot of my health lately to not eating right.. I go to work, and just don't stop to fuel my body, and do the right thing by it..I'm sure a lot of us groomers are guilty of that..(shame on those of us who are)..It's a no brainer that proper nutrition is key to a good immune system..So, I get my contacts tomorrow and will one again try the mask..
                  When I did wear it, the dogs didn't seem to care less that I was "The Masked Groomer".. lol


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                    Sometimes I wear a mask when blowing out really hairy dogs, but in general I haven't had any problems from the dander. Just curious, do you eat any fast food? I know multiple people where if they took deep breaths it would hurt, or they had various chest pains, and when they stopped eating the fast food it went away.


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                      Asthma made worse

                      I have exercise induced asthma. I have to wear a mask (I use the disposable ones that you can get at the grocery store or drug store). If I don't wear one, I will feel my chest tighten and breathing seems harder and I will cough a lot for the rest of the day. I only wear it for drying. I have a clipper vac which helps for the hair cut part.


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                        nail dust..

                        Originally posted by gottalovegracie View Post
                        I think about this everytime I'm grinding a set nails and blowing all that toenails dust away from my face... Not good!

                        I try to hold my breath while grinding each nail, when that nail is done i blow out my mouth to blow the dust away from my face then hold again, lol


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                          My lungs would be a nightmare for somebody to see. I've been grooming 18+ years and yes, I've actually coughed up a hair ball. So, if I've been able to cough one up already I can't imagine what they look like.
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                            Originally posted by Black Diamond View Post
                            I try to hold my breath while grinding each nail, when that nail is done i blow out my mouth to blow the dust away from my face then hold again, lol
                            My luck I'd pass out


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                              It helped me a lot to put a hepa filter on my vaccum and heat pump. I don't have near the congestion in my chest now.