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Other professions have funny stuff too

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  • Other professions have funny stuff too

    for their people to share over dinner or whenever.

    Tonight we are out with friends & Joe (a great friend who has lived many places & experiences!) is talking about the time he was in this quite swanky restaurant when he starts to complain about the quality of their water. The waitress tells him that THAT water in the funny looking glass aka - bowl, is to dip your fingers in to clean them!!

    So the waitress goes home to tell her weird day story I figure just like we come here to share ours!


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    That's funny! In Korea they serve water boiled with barley (called "Bo-ri-cha") and it turns the water kind of a clear brown color. It's good for you, but if you're not expecting it...well, you know.

    So these Canadians were visiting for a few weeks at a Summer kids camp to teach the Korean kids English. I had lived there for a long time already so I helped them order food and beer at a local restaurant. The waitress served the water and they all freaked out about having "dirty" water to drink.

    ROFL---it's not DIRTY, people, it's barley water! That was so funny.

    Tammy in Utah
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